Middlesex FA board members, Derek Mennell and Barbara Bivens, shake hands with referees before a match

Board & Staff

Meet The Team

chief executive

Middlesex FA Chief Executive, Leigh O'Connor

Leigh O'Connor

Chief Executive

Leigh started with Middlesex FA in the year 2000 as a Membership Services Assistant and in April 2017 was appointed to the role of Chief Executive. In his role, Leigh is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Association and delivering the priorities and targets of the County FA Business Plan and The FA’s National Game Strategy

Email: leigh.oconnor@middlesexfa.com

Phone: 020 8515 1925

Middlesex FA Administrative Officer/PA to CEO Sara Bennett

Sara Bennett

Administrative Officer & PA to the Chief Executive

Sara has been with Middlesex FA since August 2010 and occupies the role of Administration Officer. Her main responsibilities include providing administrative support to the Governance Team, Chief Executive and the Board.

Email: sara.bennett@middlesexfa.com

Phone: 020 8515 1922

Facilities & coach education

Stuart Allen - Head of Facility Investment & Coach Education, Middlesex FA

Stuart Allen

Head of Facility Investment & Coach Education

Stuart started working with Middlesex FA in November 2001, first occupying the role of County Development Manager before becoming Head of Facility Investment & Coach Education earlier this year. His main responsibilities in this role include, facility development, playing pitch strategies and leading the Rectory Park facility project. Outside of work Stuart has experience in coaching adult and youth football and also plays veterans 5-a-side football on a weekly basis.

Email: stuart.allen@middlesexfa.com 

Phone: 020 8515 1924

Paul Sharpe - Middlesex Learning Administrator, Middlesex FA

Paul Sharpe

Middlesex Learning Administrator

Paul joined Middlesex FA in July 2005 and as Middlesex Learning Officer is now responsible for the adminsitration of the Associations Coach Education Programme. Outside the office, Paul is a coach with a local ladies team.

Email: paul.sharpe@middlesexfa.com

Phone: 020 8515 1923


Jacob Ballheimer - Middlesex Learning Assistant Administrator, Middlesex FA

Jacob Ballheimer

Middlesex Learning Assistant Administrator

Jacob started work with Middlesex FA in November 2015 and currently occupies the role of Middlesex Learning Administration Assistant. Jacob works closely with Paul to oversee the administration of the Coach Education programme in Middlesex. Outside of the office, Jacob plays for Harefield United's First Team and is a Level 7 Referee.

Email: jacob.ballheimer@middlesexfa.com

Phone: 020 8515 1929

Participation and Development team

Middlesex FA staff member, Lynsey Edwards

Lynsey Edwards

Head of Participation and Development

Lynsey has been with the Association since August 2017 and currently works as the Head of Participation and Development. Her main responsibilities include leading on the delivery of the Participation and Football Development strategy, supporting the lead of The FA National Game Strategy and managing the Participation and Development team.

Email: lynsey.edwards@middlesexfa.com

Phone: 020 8515 1928

Craig Nicholson - Football Development Officer - Women and Girls', Middlesex FA

Craig Nicholson

Football Development Officer - Women and Girls'

Craig started working for Middlesex FA after leaving University in 2006. He now occupies the role of Women and Girls' Officer where his main responsibility is to support The FA's Women & Girls' Gameplan for Growth strategy, with key areas including: improving participation, developing workforce and supporting talent. Outside of work, Craig is an FA Affiliate Tutor, FA Coach Mentor and a coach at Pinner United. 

Phone: 020 8515 6902

Andrew Perren - Recreational Football Development Officer, Middlesex FA

Andrew Perren

Recreational Football Development Officer

Andy has been with Middlesex FA since August 2008, working as the Association's Recreational Football Development Officer. In this role he is mainly responsible for providing football opportunities for participants aged 16 and above. This covers the Adult 11v11 game, small sided leagues, Just Play sessions and Walking Football. Outside the office, Andy is coach of a local ladies team.

Phone: 020 8515 1911

Middlesex FA staff member, Samantha Read

Samantha Read

Football Development Administrator 

Sam joined Middlesex FA in August 2017 as a Football Development Administrator. In this role, her main duties include acting as League Secretary for the Capital Girls League, supporting the FA Charter Standard process and assisting the Football Services team in their administration. 

Outside of work, Sam plays both football and american football for local sides. 

Email: samantha.read@middlesexfa.com

Phone: 020 8515 6905

Middlesex FA staff member, Steve McFadyen

Steven McFadyen

Disability Football Development Officer

Steve joined Middlesex FA in a joint role (with London FA) as Disability Football Development Officer in September 2016. In this role, Steve works to increase the number of disabled people involved in playing, coaching, refereeing and volunteering roles in football. As well as this, he also looks to support and develop the existing leagues and teams in the County. Outside of work, Steve, by his own admission, can be found featuring at the bottom of most fantasy football leagues or playing in the occasional game in his local small sided football league. 

Email: steven.mcfadyen@londonfa.com

Phone: 07525 237 348

Football services team

Middlesex FA staff member, Kayleigh Saunders

Kayleigh saunders

Head of Football Services

Kayleigh has been with the Association since June 2012 working as a Football Development Officer before being promoted into her current role as Head of Football Services in September 2017. Her main responsibilities include supporting the delivery of The FA National Game Strategy and managing the Operational and Governance section of the County FA. Outside of her 9-5, Kayleigh plays 5-aside football.

Email: kayleigh.saunders@middlesexfa.com

Phone: 020 8515 6904 or 07506 282963 (mobile)

Isaac Jempeji - Membership Servies Officer - Competitions & Youth Cup Referee Appointments, Middlesex FA

Isaac Jempeji

Membership Services Officer - Competitions and Referee Youth Appointments

Isaac joined Middlesex FA in October 2016, becoming the Association's Membership Services Officer responsible for Competitions and Referee Youth Appointments. Outside of the office, Isaac is a Level 5 Middlesex FA referee.

Phone: 020 8515 6910


Middlesex FA staff member, Neill Fowler

Neill Fowler

County Welfare Officer

Neill has been with the association since July 2012 taking on the role as County Welfare Officer. His main responsibility is to advise and or deal with all child welfare matters. He also acts as a conduit between league clubs and the FA, represents the FA at multi-organisational safeguarding strategy meetings in relation to potential criminal matters and coordinating CRC verifications.

Email: neill.fowler@middlesexfa.com

Phone: 020 8515 6903

Marketing and communications

Ashley Joseph - Marketing and Communications Officer, Middlesex FA

Ashley Joseph

Marketing and Communications Officer

Ashley joined the Association in October 2016 as Marketing and Communications Officer. In this role his main responsibilities are to develop and implement the Association's Marketing and Communication strategy, manage social media channels and oversee all content on the Middlesex FA website. Outside his 9-5, Ashley coaches at his local Under 12 boys team and plays Sunday League football.

Email: ashley.joseph@middlesexfa.com

Phone: 020 8515 6901

finance team

Middlesex FA staff member, David Long

David Long

Finance Management Accountant

David joined Middlesex FA in October 2017 as a Finance Management Accountant. In this role David is mainly responsible for financial reporting and budgeting. 

Email: david.long@middlesexfa.com

Phone: 020 8515 6906

Middlesex FA staff member, Terry Obika

Terry Obika

Finance Administrator

Terry joined Middlesex FA in October 2017 as Finance Administrator.  In this role, Terry is responsible for financial control - overseeing the day-to-day finances of the Association.

Email: terry.obika@middlesexfa.com

Phone: 020 8515 6906

Board and Council

The Board and Council is made up of volunteers, either previously or currently involved in grassroots football,  who work  alongside Middlesex FA staff to deliver the mission of developing, supporting and governing football in Middlesex. Need to contact one of them? Details of how to do this can be found in our e-handbook

John Taylor (Chairman)

Doug Douglas (Vice Chairman)

Steve Grover (Finance Director)

Barbara Bivens

Mike Heavey

Nigel Hickes

Bob Elliott

Derek Mennell

Andrew Morton

Colin Stupack

Leigh O'Connor (Company Secretary)

Bob Jarvis (President)

John Taylor (Chairman)

Doug Douglas (Vice Chairman)

Leigh O'Connor (Chief Executive)

Steve Grover (Finance Director)

Derek Mennell

Jim Taylor

Harry Wooster

Peter Clayton

Colin Stupack

Jim Horne

Paul Stevens

Graham Hiseman

John Davies

Robin Jagot

Nigel Hickes

Robin Filkins

Mike Heavey

Bob Elliott

George Pantling

John Smith

Jim Horne

Tony Ward

Barbara Bivens

Colin Downey

John Jackson

Mark Sennett

Gary Cobden

Dave Ackerman

Pip Axtell

Stephen Reuter

Andy Lowe

Derek Stevens

Gary Street

Darrel Gyngell

Simon Cudner

Andy Taylor

Liam Walshe

Annette Sennett

Segun Akinwolelda

Dave Fuller

Frank James

Dr Colin King

Andrew Morton 

Danny Sharma

John Noblemunn

Chris Ampofo

Co-opted Councillors

Alyson Angelides

Co-opted /Independent Members of Committees and Sub Committees

Gill Taylor

Jim Upfold

Jim Bragg

John Fletcher

Judi Grice

Claire Ford

Jim Cantle

Dave Holden

Louise Allwood

Caren Benn

Chris Benn

John Lewis

Julie Syer

Michael Cassel

Ray Herb

Reuben Simon

Robert Was

Mark Frost

Robin Machell

Tony Cottrell

Donald Palmer

Julian Fox

Elizabeth Ruffell

Roger Reed

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