A player attempts to tackle the opposition during a small sided 5v5 game

Small sided - 5, 6, 7-a-side leagues

Small sided football in Middlesex

Fast, ferocious and technical.  

Are you ready to join the small sided revolution? 

The most popular and fastest growing area of adult football, Small Sided Football attracts over 1.5 millon adults each and every week.

Why? Well not only is it more flexible and less time-consuming than traditional 11v11 football, but there are also more opportunities to get involved. Whether you want to grab some friends and play on a Sunday afternoon, or convince some colleagues to join one of the increasing number of 'after work' leagues, there's always a time and a place to suit you when it comes to Small Sided Football.

Small Sided Football encompasses the following formats, all of which are available here in Middlesex:

• 5v5
• 6v6
• 7v7
• Futsal

Ready to take on thrill of the Small Sided game? You can find out more about some of our local providers below.  


Frequently asked questions about small sided football.

Use the map above to find your nearest league and contact the provider directly for more details on how to join. If you have any trouble, feel free to get in contact with us and we'll support you the best we can.

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