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Player registration

Online player registration is here. 

As part of a commitment by The FA and County FAs to improve the administration experience for grassroots football volunteers, new online player registration functionality has recently been introduced into the Whole Game System (WGS).

Following a successful six month pilot programme during which over 130,000 players were registered across 50 participating leagues, the new functionality is now to be made available to all grassroots leagues and clubs in England.

Whilst some leagues may initially decide not to use WGS for player registration purposes, all clubs will still benefit from using the system to maintain and manage their players’ records.

Amongst these benefits are;

  • Secure storage of player records
  • Records updated annually, creating a lasting history for each player
  • Club and Team records available for league registration processes (where appropriate)
  • More efficient club discipline management
  • Use of the FA number (FAN) to create a single player view – particularly for those clubs using Full-Time
  • Providing your club with better player information to help you plan for the future

Those of you within leagues who are using Full-Time to manage your fixtures and competitions administration will be able to match player records between that system and WGS. This will save you from having to duplicate effort and will ensure that, for the first time, you have a single view of your players in both Full-Time and Whole Game.

Check out this Guide for more information on the Player Registration process.



Frequently asked questions about Player Registration

It is not mandatory, however your league may wish to adopt the system in the coming seasons so completing it now would save you the time and effort of completing it in the future. Player Registration has been implemented to help make online administration (on processes such as discipline) easier, so we would always encourage clubs to start the process as early as possible.
The FA offer weekly newsletters and webinars to help guide clubs through the process. You can also access the Player Registration guide here.

We're always available to help you through the process too. So if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and we'll do our best to support you.

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