25 Years of Fairtrade

MFA is learning about Fairtrade and celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Fairtrade mark!

The Ealing Fairtrade Group works across the London Borough of Ealing

MFA is learning about Fairtrade and celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Fairtrade mark.


The Ealing Fairtrade Group works across the London Borough of Ealing with schools, groups, businesses and the Council to encourage learning, trial and purchase of Fairtrade products.


The Group is collaborating with Middlesex FA and Bala Sport at MFA’s new headquarters in Northolt, Rectory Park.  Throughout October there will be free giveaways, leaflets, videos playing including one about the footballs being made, and an opportunity for children and young people to write letters to the makers of the footballs and their families.



If a child sends us or hands in a letter for one of the workers producing the Fairtrade footballs they will be entered into the draw to win a free Bala football for their football club/school.


All children are required to do is submit a letter at Rectory Park or via info@middlesexfa.com with their name, club/school and contact email address. The letter may be something as simple as thanking the workers for producing the footballs or asking a question regarding where they live.


Further details regarding Bala Footballs can be found on the link below.




Bala Sport


Football is the beautiful game and right across the board it’s about fairness and respect – towards players and fans. There would be no game without a ball, but do we ever consider the men and women who make that crucial bit of kit though?


Fairtrade does, and Bala Sport as the only UK based importer of Fairtrade certified balls does. The Glasgow based social enterprise was set up with the primary aim of giving a fairer deal to developing country sports ball workers. So when you choose a Fairtrade football you can be sure that the women and men in Pakistan who made it are paid fairly, work in safe conditions with access to union representation and benefit from the Fairtrade premium.


Watch the story of fairtrade footballs


This is a cash fund and workers decide what projects to invest it in that will help them and examples include free eye and diabetes checks, free backpacks and school books for their kids, subsidised food and cleaning products and free transport for workers living in rural areas who often have to walk miles to work. Probably most significantly though the Fairtrade Premium from the sale of sports balls has been used to part fund water filtration plants. The real beauty of these is that they are not just for the benefits of the factory workers. They are built outside the factories so that anyone in the area can fill up a container of free, safe drinking water, all thanks to Fairtrade.


The Bala Sport Pro and Elite balls are made and tested to the same standards as FIFA Quality Pro balls, and the hand-stitched Team training/ match quality balls are made to the same standards as FIFA Quality. They are either machine stitched or stitched by hand. Play balls are great for younger players coming in sizes 3, 4 and 5.


Bala Sport has provided the match balls for the Homeless World Cup now we’re supporting them to inform clubs and schools about Fairtrade.


Find out more on Twitter @EalingFairtrade @MiddxFA @BalaSportUK.

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