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Monday FleXI Football Comes to Middlesex

Our new 11-aside Flexi league is the first of its kind to come to Middlesex. Phase 1 launches in September at our fantastic Rectory Park facility.


Want to play 11-aside football? But your weekends are too busy, or you can't face the hassle of playing every week?

The brand new 11-aside Flexi league is the first of its kind to come to Middlesex. We are launching phase 1 of the league in September at our fantastic Rectory Park facility.

As the name suggests, Flexi-Football really does make it easier to take part in the classic 11 a side version of the beautiful game. Flexible Football Leagues are being introduced across the country to provide opportunities to play 11-a-side football for players who want to play football with a lower level of commitment. Many are attracted to playing games less frequently, in a reduced timeframe, with rolling subs and at times which will not have such an impact on family lives or other weekend leisure activities.


So get your mates together and join an exciting opportunity to still be part of the beautiful game.

The vision of Flexi-Football is to:

  • Offer a non-traditional format of the beautiful game
  • Provide additional competition for existing and new players in a fun and friendly environment
  • Providing opportunities for individuals to develop football skills and increase fitness levels
  • To help signpost players wishing to play more football into traditional teams

Key bonuses of the Middlesex Monday FleXI Football League:

  • Low fuss - pitch bookings and referees organised by Middlesex FA
  • Low cost - £50 per team per fixture (approximately £3 per player)
  • 60 minute games
  • Brand new 3G pitch
  • Qualified FA Referees
  • Two matches per month
  • Fair Play Kit award at the end of the season
  • End of season celebration event at Rectory Park

There will be a league entry fee of only £30 which will cover your entry and insurance costs. You will then pay £50 a fixture (before you play). The league will be set up on the FA Full-Time website so all fixtures will be planned for the season in advance with kick off times at 7.30pm and 8.45pm with games being 30 minutes each way.

The opening league has a limited number of spaces so don’t miss out. Please contact Chris.Abel@MiddlesexFA.com to claim your place in the league. All we need to start the ball rolling is a team name and team manager.

If any individual player would like to declare a sole interest in being part of this league please also get in touch as we aim to accommodate and potentially support your joining a team in the league.

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