Wilcats Next Generation

Wildcats Come Roaring Back

Have fun, make friends, play football

Have fun, make friends, play football

If you listen closely in the distance you can hear the faint roar of the Wildcats in Middlesex. Every year this roar gets louder and louder as more girls aged 5 to 11 join the Wildcats revolution.

You may ask, "how?" Well, let me tell you. Clubs and organisations across Middlesex are joining the campaign to get girls playing football, these centres allow your Wildcat to get involved in the beautiful game. To make this as accessible as possible we need new centres, this could be a great way for your club to begin to grow a girls section.

So, if your club or organisation would like to inspire girls aged 5 to 11 to get involved in football, The FA Wildcats programme is perfect. Becoming a Wildcats Centre gives girls the opportunity to have fun, develop fundamental skills, try a variety of sessions and lay the foundations for a lifelong love of sport. Sessions are delivered by qualified coaches on a weekly basis, either after school or at weekends.

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