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Middlesex FA Youth Council

The Middlesex FA Youth Council is a group of 16-24-year-old young leaders passionate about making a difference in grassroots football within Middlesex. 

The Youth Council work together to give young people a voice within football and to identify and deliver projects aimed at enhancing football participation across Middlesex. The aims of the group are drawn from Middlesex FA’s new strategy, and the team selected will work to have an impact on 3 focus areas:

1. High-quality introduction to football

2. Embrace all formats and engage all participants

3. Recruit, develop and support the workforce



Being a member of our Youth Council provides opportunities such as (but is not limited to):

  • Organising and running of football events
  • Supporting County FA-led events and programmes
  • Helping shape opportunities for young people within the county
  • Attending Youth Council meetings (monthly/bi-monthly depending on project demands)
  • Creation and implementation of social media campaigns
  • Impact on Middlesex FA’s strategy
  • Further opportunities can include supporting FA and UEFA events


Twitter: @MiddxFAYC
By Phone: 020 8515 1919
(9am - 5pm Monday - Friday)

Youth Council FAQs

The Youth Council is made up of young people from across Middlesex with a passion for developing grassroots football and themselves as leaders.

Your 2020/21 Youth Council are: 

  • Daniel Harvey (Chair)
  • Aidan Dike-Lawlor
  • Anthony Edoh
  • Charlotte Parrett
  • Elsa Jones
  • Anis Sagadi
  • Alfie Heaps
  • Matthew Dyachuk
  • Quentin Hoad
  • Owen Baker
  • Theo Fearon
  • Raphael Azimi

Youth Council gives you the opportunity to build your CV through various opportunities, which will help increase your employability. You will also get a hands-on experience in the football industry, whilst being given the opportunity to expand your network with County FA staff and the wider FA community.

  • SEN Schools League
  • Euro 2020 Legacy Events/Projects
  • Wildcats Festival
  • Middlesex FA County Cup Finals
  • Mental Health Awareness Campaigns
  • Youth Leadership

The Youth Council recruit new members annually. Keep an eye on the Middlesex FA website and social media channels for information on the next application window. Applications for the 2020/21 season are open until Friday 11th September 2020.