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Temporary Dismissals


Following a successful two-year pilot period, the 2019/20 season will see the roll out of Temporary Dismissals (more commonly known as ‘Sin Bins’) across all grassroots football. 

This change will have a direct impact on referees, players, clubs & leagues throughout Middlesex and the following information will allow you to understand the process of Sin Bins and how they will operate on a match day.

The FA have launched a new interactive learning tool for sin bins, this designed to support understanding of the scheme for players, coaches and referees a like.

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Temporary dismissals for dissent will be mandatory in all grassroots football.

Grassroots football is played at:

Male football Step 5 and below
Female football Tier 3 and below

Yes, temporary dismissals for dissent will be mandatory in all Grassroots football which includes youth football.

As with all other laws of the game, they will carry the same powers and duties of an appointed registered Match Official for the purpose of the match, this includes the use of Sin Bins (where necessary).

All Cup Competitions at Grassroots level will be using temporary dismissals for dissent – this includes County Cups.  


·       Referee signals by issuing a yellow card in the normal way and pointing to the touchline where the player must go (not a defined Sin Bin area).

·       Period in Sin Bin is 10 minutes for all matches of 90 minutes and 8 minutes for all other matches.

·       A player in the Sin Bin cannot be substituted until the period has expired and not at all if all substitutes have been used.

·       No admin fee will be charged for players directed to Sin Bin