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Referee Promotion Scheme


Whether your dream is to officiate at the World Cup final or a County Cup Final, the promotion scheme has been designed to help you get there. We wish to encourage all referees to aim at achieving an improvement in their performance level and are keen to support all aspiring referees who wish to apply for advancement within the county promotion system.

Refereeing Levels

Your 'level' signifies your seniority within refereeing. Unless you are under the age of 16, all referees will start at Level 7 and can progress as far as the International FIFA list.

  • Level T - Trainee
  • Level Y - Youth Referee (qualified referees under 16 years old)
  • Level 7 - Junior County Referee
  • Level 6 –County Referee
  • Level 5 - Senior County Referee
  • Level 4 - Supply League Referee/Contributory League Assistant
  • Level 3 - Contributory League Referee/Panel League Assistant
  • Level 2 - Panel League Referee/Football League Assistant
  • Level 1 - Football League Referee
  • Select Group - FA Premier League Referee
  • FIFA List - International Referee

Get In Touch

Think you're ready to take the next step in your refereeing career? Get in touch and we'll let you know the next steps.

By Phone: 020 8515 6910
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Frequently asked questions about the referee promotion scheme 

Yes you can. If you are a level 7 candidate who has just achieved your level 6, you will stay on the scheme until you reach level 5. If you are a level 6 referee who has successfully attained your level 5 status, you can apply for level 4 when the advert inviting applicants is released.

Information on how to qualify for the Promotion Scheme is detailed in the MFA Promotion Scheme Information document available to download on this page. 

To be eligible for promotion, you must have refereed a full season and be over the age of 16.
Yes, there is a deadline which will be specified on the advert sent out containing application details.
The scheme starts at the end of March and finishes at the end of February.
Referees who achieve level 4 status (or higher) are managed by the central FA who will then assess whether or not you are entitled to a promotion.
Provided you have not been removed from the scheme for any other reason then failing to achieve the required promotion mark, you will remain on the scheme until you inform the Observing coordinator or Referee Development Officer that you wish to be removed.

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