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Referee Promotion Scheme



If you wish to be considered for promotion, you should first ensure that you would be able to meet the criteria laid down by The FA. Browse this page to help you decide and please read the attached FA Referee Progression Pack carefully which explains the criteria for each level. 

The following images shows the progression pathways in both the Men’s and Women’s game. For those of you entering the scheme for the first time, candidates would start at Level 7 or 4W providing they are aged 16+. For those under 16, the entry level is Y1. 

Candidates can choose to enrol onto the Promotion Scheme at any point during the season, providing they have completed the following: 

Completed Expression of Interest form above
Pay £50 deposit bond
Registration to Middlesex FA for the current season
Register to RefSec, a new Promotion Administration system 

If you are already on the promotion scheme, you should still apply for next season and the relevant action will then be taken once the outcome of your current promotion application is known. 

Should you have any questions relating to the promotion scheme, please feel free to contact us on 

DOWNLOAD: FA Referee Progression Pack

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Frequently asked questions about the referee promotion scheme 

Yes you can. If you are a level 7 candidate who has just achieved your level 6, you will stay on the scheme until you reach level 5. If you are a level 6 referee who has successfully attained your level 5 status, you can apply for level 4 when the advert inviting applicants is released.

Please email for full details on the Promotion Scheme.

To be eligible for promotion, you must have refereed a full season and be over the age of 16.

Promotions are reviewed four times a year: November, Jan, April & June.

Referees who achieve level 4 status (or higher) are managed by the central FA who will then assess whether or not you are entitled to a promotion.
Provided you have not been removed from the scheme for any other reason then failing to achieve the required promotion mark, you will remain on the scheme until you inform the Observing coordinator or Referee Development Officer that you wish to be removed.