Boys of Cockfosters youth FC and Wingate and Finchley Youth tussle for the ball during the U15 Cup Final

Under 16s

Opportunities for boys aged 16 and under


The first years of a player's football journey are amongst the most important. It's during these years that most discover their love for the game, develop their skills and create some of the first football memories.

Our job is to help support you, or your child, along this journey and provide the perfect platform for their career in football.

Find out more below about all the local opportunities for boys aged 5-16 to get involved in the game.


Developed for children aged 6-10, Mini-Soccer aims to represent the best features of the modern game whilst meeting the needs of developing youngsters. It's all above giving children more touches of the ball and a chance to understand the laws, develop their skills and fitness and, most importantly, enjoy a format of the game that's designed with them in mind.Key points of Mini-Soccer:

  • For teams from U7s to U11s
  • Pitch and ball sizes differ according to age group of players
  • Goal size is 12ft x 6ft for all ages
  • Leagues are structured but focus on participation rather than competition
  • Fixtures are generally played on a weekly basis on Saturday mornings

youth leagues in middlesex

Encompassing both mini-soccer and traditional competitive 11v11 formats, youth leagues in Middlesex provide a safe and structured environment for boys to play organised football.

Click on the links adjacent to find out more about some of the youth leagues here in Middlesex. 




how to make match day enjoyable for everyone 

Middlesex FA encourage a modern, child-friendly approach to youth football, challenging the win-at-all-costs mentality that is stifling development and enjoyment for young people. Working together with a proactive attitude, adults can help develop a better learning environment for young people that puts their needs at the centre of the process.

Coaches watch on during an Under 12 Middlesex FA Cup Final

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