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Safeguarding in Disability Football

Safeguarding Adults Course

This module explores the meaning of ‘safeguarding adults’ and ‘adult at risk’.

It takes a closer look at:

- The context of abuse – and the signs and indicators
- How to report any concerns
- How to use safeguards to reduce the risk of harm

It also introduces the role of club welfare officer (adult disability teams) – a role similar to the club welfare officer in youth football.

Safeguarding Adults Workshop


The FA have issued new guidance on how to protect adults at risk.

This is guidance only and good practice and is not mandatory but advisory:

- Appoint an Adult Safeguarding Lead (ASL) within the club (similar to Club Welfare Officer) – someone with knowledge of safeguarding.

- Once ASL is appointed, add them as an official on the WGS

- Adopt safeguarding policy and procedures (see attached)

- Know how to report concerns

- Complete the new Adults at Risk Online safeguarding training

- DBS required for coaches involved in Open Age football (Open Age is from 16+)

You will be able to find all the material required including the free online course on this page.

Any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting the Safeguarding Team.