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Affiliation – 2024/2025 Season

Everything you need to know about Affiliation ahead of 2024/2025

Teams and Clubs will be able to affiliate to Middlesex FA for the 2024/2025 Season by using the Club Portal system from the 1st June 2024.

Attached to the bottom of this article is a guidance document which will outline how teams and clubs can complete the process. If there are any issues in doing so, please contact for further support.

The price structure is listed below and formed in a table per team of what will be charged to directly affiliate for 2024/25 season. When the affiliation window opens, we will email and inform you to provide further details on how your team can affiliate. 

There has also been some changes in relation to Safeguarding requirements for the new season, which can be found HERE

How much will it cost for my team to affiliate?

The fees below display how much each team will be required to pay to affiliate for 2024/25 season. There are no Club fees to pay.  

Insurance and other products will be paid separately and further details on these costs can be found below.

Level of competition  Team fee 
Premier League/EFL & Tiers 1-2 of WFP  £80.00 
Step 1 - Step 6, Tiers 3-4 of WFP  £60.00 
Non NLS Adult (Sat & Sun) & Tier 5 and below of WFP  £20.00 
Non NLS Youth & Schools  £12.00 
Leagues  £40.00 

Team-Based Affiliation Model

As was the case last season, affiliation will be a team-based model. This should provide greater flexibility to those teams that are fully compliant to affiliate and begin playing football straight away.

Another key advantage of the current system is that providing a team is compliant with all requirements, much of the affiliation process will be automated and allow teams to affiliate much faster than in previous seasons. The onus is therefore on teams to ensure they are fully compliant to help themselves once affiliation begins. Should a team attempt to affiliate without making the necessary checks, the team be due a County FA check and will be affiliated manually, likely meaning it will be delayed in comparison to the automated process. 

How will Clubs affiliate? 

Whilst Clubs are affiliated, the main affiliation and insurance will run off the team. This means one team can become affiliated and insured and be able to play whilst the other teams in that club still complete the affiliation and administration process.

How will teams affiliate? 

Teams will affiliate using the Club Portal system, which is the same portal used for player registration. This will be placed under the ‘Teams’ section. 


Clubs and teams will be provided insurance through UKGlobal and this is included as part of the affiliation procedure. The cost of insurance for Clubs and teams is detailed below. Clubs and teams looking to obtain insurance through a different provider will be required to attach their policy documents during the process. 

Club Public Liability Insurance – £24 per club

Adult Personal Accident (Option 1) – £71.30 per team

Adult Personal Accident (Option 2) – £96.95 per team

Adult Personal Accident (Option 3) – £125.95 per team

Adult Personal Accident (Option 4) - £150.95 per team

Youth Personal Accident – £17.28 per team

The above insurance premiums are based on the basic level of cover provided. During the affiliation process, teams will have the opportunity to upgrade their level of cover, with prices and information to be visible on the Club Portal once the period opens in June.

It is also worth noting that purchasing through UKGlobal will help with the automated process, as this is the insurance available to purchase through the system directly. 

download the affiliation guide here