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The Equality & Equity Committee confirms name change

Dr Colin King MBE, Chair of the E&E Committee, tells us the reason behind the change

Middlesex FA are pleased to announce the committee previously known as the Inclusion Advisory Board will now become the Equality and Equity Committee to reflect the needs of the footballing family across the county.

Colin KingDr Colin King MBE, Chair of the E&E Committee, tells us the reason behind the change: “The change of name from the Inclusion Advisory Board aims to address the challenge of ensuring Equality and Equity for all protective characteristics in sport, and the potential for diverse groups to realise their ambitions be included at all levels: participation, coaching, refereeing, club/league officials and to be represented in the MFA committees and Boards.
"Consequently, the major aim of our committee is built on good inclusive and diverse practices in working with all local communities to ensure our work represents all areas of the Equality Act 2010 and it’s given the same commitment and status as safeguarding. It is to collect the right information, survey the views of MFA clubs and participants to ensure our work is relevant, important and inspires our communities with the opportunity to reach their potential. The committee is working towards a Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, ensuring all MFA staff and committees embed equality in the new MFA Strategy 2024-2028, and working towards the Intermediate Level of the Equality Standard for Sport.

"We aim to coproduce all our areas of work by including and seeking the advice of all communities by regular online updates, training, and consultation to ensure the Equality and Equity committee reflects all local need. From staff to the Board, we encourage all groups to use our facilities, our services and to have an active role to ensure we work in partnership for all communities in Middlesex. We encourage all groups to either be become part of the Equality and Equality committee, our coproduction group to inform our work, or by suggesting ways in which we can ensure we are truly developing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in all aspects of our work at the Middlesex FA by letter, email, QR code and events.”

To read more about the MFA Diversity Action plan, click below. 

MFA Diversity Action plan