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Jim Taylor

This season’s tournament took place at Rectory Park on Sunday last, 2nd June. The weather was unexpectedly kind and we had a dry and bright but not uncomfortably warm day.

A splendid day’s football was enjoyed by everyone involved.  The time sped by as the crowded programme of matches moved seamlessly to its conclusion, under the expert supervision of Andy Perren, the Middlesex FA’s Participation Development Officer.

The 8 referees contributed to the success of the event, which they helped to ensure ran to its timetable. Their specialist knowledge and experience in refereeing this form of the game was invaluable and their handling was perfect for the occasion.

The referees' briefing

The tournament consisted of 2 separate competitions, one for teams of players over 50 years of age and one for those over 60, which ran concurrently on the 8 available pitches.

13 teams had entered the over 50’s competition but London Peruvians did not show up. 9 had entered the over 60’s competition. Both competitions were initially played in 2 groups, in a league format. In the group matches, 3 points were awarded for a win and 1 for a draw. The group winners and runners-up contested the Cup semi-finals and the 3rd and 4th placed sides competed for the Plate.

The matches were played under the Walking Football Laws of the Game and were of 15 minutes duration (7.5 minutes each way). They were 6-a-side matches, with up to 6 rolling substitutes permitted.

No extra time was played. Drawn matches in the knock-out stages were decided by a penalty shoot-out, initially consisting of 3 kicks per team and then by sudden death pairs of kicks, if needed.



London Irish and Bounds Green dominated this group. London Irish finished top by winning 4 of their 5 matches and drawing the other one against second placed Bounds Green, who were also undefeated.   Bounds Green also drew their game against Wealdstone. Barnet Orange and Staines Town, each on 5 points, qualified for the Plate semi-finals.

The results were:

Staines Town Strollers  Barnet Orange 
Wealdstone  London Irish 
Uxbridge Amblers  Bounds Green 
London Irish  Barnet Orange 
Wealdstone  Uxbridge Amblers 
Staines Town Strollers  Bounds Green 
London Irish  Uxbridge Amblers 
Staines Town Strollers  Wealdstone 
Barnet Orange  Bounds Green 
London Irish  Staines Town Strollers 
Uxbridge Amblers  Barnet Orange 
Bounds Green  Wealdstone
Bounds Green  London Irish 
Barnet Orange  Wealdstone 
Uxbridge Amblers  Staines Town Strollers 

50s - London Irish v Uxbridge Amblers


Goal difference separated 3 teams at the top of the group, who each recorded 3 wins, a draw and a defeat.  Cheshunt moved into top spot in the penultimate match of the group with a 5-1 win against Barnet Red. However, a win for either Hemel Hempstead or Watford in the final group match, against each other, would have put the winners ahead of Cheshunt but that game ended in a 1-1 draw. Watford finished 2nd with Hemel Hempstead 3rd. Tottenham Hotsteppers finished in 4th place.

The results were:

Barnet Red   Tottenham Hotsteppers  
Watford   Cheshunt  
Cheshunt   Hemel Hempstead  
Tottenham Hotsteppers   Cove  
Hemel Hempstead   Cove  
Watford   Tottenham Hotsteppers  
Tottenham Hotsteppers   0 Hemel Hempstead  
Cove   3 Barnet Red  
Watford    Barnet Red  
Cheshunt  Cove  
Tottenham Hotsteppers   Cheshunt  
Cove   Watford 
Barnet Red   Hemel Hempstead  
Barnet Red   Cheshunt 
Hemel Hempstead   Watford  

50s - Watford v Cheshunt

50s - Tottenham Hotsteppers v Cove



Both finalists came from Group B. Watford overcame the previously unbeaten London Irish in the first semi- final and group winners, Cheshunt beat Bounds Green in the second semi-final.

Watford had beaten Cheshunt 1-0 in their opening group match and the final was even tighter. It finished goalless before Cheshunt triumphed 3-2 in the penalty shoot-out.


1st Semi-final  Watford  London Irish   
2nd Semi-final  Cheshunt Bounds Green   
Final  Cheshunt Watford  Penalties 3-2 

Cup Winners: Cheshunt

50s Cup Semi Final - Watford v London Irish

50s Cup Final - Cheshunt v Watford

50s Cup - Winning penalty for Cheshunt

50s Cup winners with the cup - Cheshunt


Both finalists also came from Group B. In the final Hemel Hempstead beat Tottenham Hotsteppers by the odd goal in three, having beaten them by a single goal in their group match. 


1st semi-final  Tottenham Hotsteppers  Barnet Orange 
2nd semi-final  Hemel Hempstead  Staines Town Strollers 
Final  Hemel Hempstead Tottenham Hotsteppers 

50s Plate Semi Final - Tottenham Hotsteppers score from the spot

50s Plate winners with the cup - Hemel Hempstead

Plate Winners: Hemel Hempstead

The Referees in charge of the 50s tournament were Costas Tanti, Steve Harrington, Gregg Dalmar, Rob Wilks and Damien O’Reilly.



Godalming won this group of 4 teams with 7 points.  They had a goalless draw in their first match against Watford and then won the other 2. Barnet Black/Ambers’ opening game victory over Cheshunt Ravens and a goalless draw against Watford in their final match was enough to put them in the runners up position. Watford finished in 3rd place having recorded scoreless draws in all 3 of their group games. Cheshunt Ravens’ single point put them into 4th spot.

The results were:

Cheshunt Ravens  Barnet Black/Amber 
Godalming  Watford 
Watford  Cheshunt Ravens 
Barnet Black/Amber  Godalming 
Watford  Barnet Black/Amber 
Cheshunt Ravens  Godalming 

60s - Godalming v Watford


Uxbridge Amblers were the clear winners of this 5 team group. They won all 4 of their games without conceding a goal. Feltham were runners up with 5 points. Staines Town Strollers and London Irish, each with 4 points moved into the Plate semi-finals.

The results were:

Barnet Blue  Staines Town Strollers 
Feltham  London Irish 
London Irish  Barnet Blue 
Staines Town Strollers  Uxbridge Amblers 
Uxbridge Amblers  London Irish 
Barnet Blue  Feltham 
Feltham  Uxbridge Amblers 
London Irish  Staines Town Strollers 
Staines Town Strollers  Feltham 
Uxbridge Amblers  Barnet Blue 



Both semi-finals went according to the form previously shown and the group winners progressed to the final. However, Uxbridge Amblers required a penalty shoot-out to overcome Barnet Black/Amber.

A very keenly contested final also needed a penalty shoot-out to separate the teams.   


1st Semi-final  Godalming  Feltham   
2nd Semi-final  Uxbridge Amblers  Barnet Black/Amber  penalties 5-4 
Final  Uxbridge Amblers Godalming  penalties 2-1 

Cup Winners:  Uxbridge Amblers

60s Cup Semi Final - Uxbridge Amblers v Barnet Black/Amber

60s Cup Semi Final - Feltham v Godalming

60s Cup Final - Uxbridge Amblers v Godalming

60s Cup winners with the cup - Uxbridge Amblers


The finalists both came from group A with both semi-finals finishing 1-0.  Watford and Cheshunt Ravens each scored their first goals of the competition in their victories against London Irish and Staines Town Strollers respectively. Watford won a comparatively free-scoring final.


1st Semi-final  Watford  London Irish 
2nd Semi-final  Cheshunt Ravens  Staines Town Strollers 
Final  Watford  Cheshunt Ravens 

Plate Winners: Watford 

60s Plate Semi Final - Cheshunt Ravens v Staines Town Strollers

60s Plate winners with the cup - Watford

The Referees in charge of the 60s matches were Richard Andrews, Harry Day and Peter Harris.      

The trophies were presented to the winning teams and individual mementoes were presented to the winning players and to the referees at the end of an enjoyable but exhausting days football, by the Guest of Honour, Middlesex FA Vice Chairman Doug Douglas, who is a Walking Footballer himself.

Report: Jim Taylor

Photography: Chris Benn