Under 12 Cup match photo


Jim Taylor

The second round of this season’s Middlesex Dudley Harper Under 12 Cup was played on Sunday, 19th November and your roving team chose to visit the tie between Ruislip Rangers Red and St Joseph’s Youth ’88 Red.   

We chose well and were treated to a high-quality match in the pleasant arboreal surroundings of Ruislip’s Kings College Playing Fields. The game was played in a competitive yet sporting manner, between two well matched sides of skilful and well coached players.   

The matches in this competition are played with 9 players a side, over two halves of 30 minutes. The match finished in a 2-2 draw, with all of the goals  scored in the 11 minutes immediately preceding the half-time interval.  The subsequent penalty shoot-out was won by St Joseph’s. 

The first threat on goal came from Ruislip Rangers’ Joshua Jepps, whose high shot was taken by St Joseph’s keeper, Jacub Bancewicz.

Jacub Bancewicz saves from Joshua Jepps (out of picture)

Play switched to the other end of the field, where St Jo’s were awarded an indirect freekick in the Rangers’ penalty area, when the keeper handled a back-pass. Rangers cleared the ball after a shot from Shay McGinley was charged down.

An awkwardly bouncing long range shot by Rangers’ Michael O’Brien was safely saved by the visiting keeper.

Play continued to flow up and down the field. St Jo’s Jaden Kanangila had a shot blocked. Then Jacub Bancewicz saved with his feet from Joshua Jepps.

In a spell of dominance by St Jo’s, captain Shay McKinlay, who was prominent throughout, headed over from a corner. Then Jaden’s header was saved and Shay and Kian Nagle both shot past an upright.

St Joseph’s went ahead in the 20th minute. The Rangers’ keeper saved at Shay’s feet but Connor O’Brien netted the resultant loose ball.

Jaden cut through the Rangers’ defence but he was thwarted by keeper, Joshua Goddard’s feet.

Rangers’ Bobby Cochrane set up Oliver Dezzani, who netted from close range to equalise in the 24th minute.

Oliver Dezzani (5) shoots...

... to score Ruislip Rangers' first goal

St Jo’s retook the lead within 2 minutes, when Jaden burst through the middle, held off 2 defenders and netted.

Jaden Kanangila outpaces two defenders

... and makes the score 2-1 to Joseph's

The last action before the break saw Bobby Cochrane equalise again, with a low drive past the diving keeper.

Bobby Cochrane shoots to score Rangers' second goal

Half time score: Ruislip Rangers Red 2   St Joseph’s Youth ’88 Red 2   

Play continued to move rapidly from end to end in the second half but although plenty of chances were created, no further goals were scored.

Jacub Bancewicz saved Joshua Jepps’ high shot. Bobby Cochrane slipped the ball past Jacub from close range but was just wide. Bobby then had a shot saved.

Bobby Cochrane (14) is just wide

Joshua Goddard saved Reece Davis-Millars’ low drive, while at the other end Jacub Bancewicz pushed out Joshua Jepps’ shot. Then Joshua Jepps was foiled by a timely tackle by Malachy Walsh.

Reece Davis-Millar (10) shoots...

... and Joshua Goddard saves

Both goalkeepers were constantly in action as the game progressed to the end of normal time. Jacub Bancewicz saved from Dexter Lennon and twice from Joshua Jepps. Joshua Goddard thwarted Jaden Kanangila three times, Connor O’Brien twice, Kian Nagle and Shay McGinley. Connor O’Brien came nearest to scoring, when the keeper pushed his shot onto a post.

Kian Nagle (11) shoots...

... and Jacub Bancewicz saves

Score after 60 minutes: Ruislip Rangers Red 2   St Joseph’s Youth ’88 Red 2

St Jo’s goalkeeper Jacub Bancewicz excelled in the penalty shoot-out, saving three of the four kicks taken by Ruislip Rangers.

Shay McGinley went first for St Jo’s and scored. Then Jacub saved from Joshua Jepps to put his side ahead.

Jacub Bancewicz saves Joshua Jepps' penalty

In the second pair of kicks, Connor O’Brien netted via the underside of the crossbar and Jacub saved from Hugo Stansfield-Smith to increase St Jo’s advantage to 2-0.

Reece Davis-Millar hit St Jo’s third penalty wide and Michael O’Brien scored for Rangers, to reduce the deficit.

Kian Nagle scored with St Joseph’s 4th kick. Jacub saved from Denys Tymoshchuk but he was adjudged to have moved off of his line. However, he also saved the retake to win the tie for his team.

Penalty shoot-out score: St Joseph’s Youth ’88 Red 3   Ruislip Rangers 1

Referee Zak Ellis had a very good match, controlling the proceedings in a calm and efficient manner.

TEAM SQUADS (Rolling substitutes were used)

Ruislip Rangers Red: Joshua Goddard, Oliver Dezzani, Michael O’Brien. Dexter Lennon, Vihaan Dandekar, Harrison Sutcliffe, Joshua Jepps, Denys Tymoshchuk (capt), Hayden Hurst, Bobby Cochrane, Hugo Stansfield-Smith and Jay Reardon.

St Joseph’s ’88 Red: Jacub Bancewicz, Jaden Kanangila, Malachy Walsh, Paddy Healy, Leah McGinley, Shay McGinley (capt), Connor O’Brien, Reece Davis-Millar, Kian Nagle, Dylan Sheehan and Max Murphy.

St Joseph’s Youth ’88 will play Sport London E Benfica Youth, at home in the 3rd round on 17th December.

Report: Jim Taylor

Photography: Chris Benn