Support Our Future

Support Our Future

Support Our Future is a new pledge programme from Middlesex FA

Middlesex FA is delighted to announce their new campaign, Support Our Future. The campaign launches in line with International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8th March 2023 as we look to support the growth of safe environments for all participants across the county.

Support Our Future is a new pledge programme from Middlesex FA, this will see clubs either looking to start, grow or retain their female football provision for their local community. This three-tiered programme will see clubs pledge to meet the criteria for one or all of the three levels. With Gold, Silver and Bronze status attainable through a range of targets.

Through their pledge clubs will be committing to upskill the female football workforce, provide better wellbeing support, and promoting positive participation pathways for females to access across the game. By signing up to the pledge, we hope clubs will be able to create a more sustainable and inclusive environment for all participants they engage with.

A sign-up window to join the pledge will open on 20th March 2023 and will remain open until 31st July 2023. During this time clubs can identify the criteria they plan to meet over the course of the following season. Anyone who already meets the criteria to attain the relevant level will be awarded this status for the 2023/24 season, whilst those who don’t will be working towards achieving their status for the following season.

Middlesex FA are committed to provide guidance to any club looking to take part in the pledge, Kate Wells, Women’s Recreation and Volunteering Officer, said: “We want to ensure that clubs are taking proactive steps to create safer and more sustainable future for their female players.”

Speaking about the pledge, Rebecca Chapman, Designated Safeguarding Officer, said: “By creating a safer, more supportive environment, we hope to provide an empowering experience for all participants in the Women & Girls game.”  Adding: “We want to Included male coaches and volunteers in this to ensure they are prepared and informed to champion the emotional and physical wellbeing of their participants.”