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Twickenham Swans: Mum’s Social Session

A Women’s Social Session aimed at mums whose daughters already participate at the club

On 14 June, Twickenham Cygnets piloted their inaugural Women’s Social Session aimed at mums whose daughters already participate at the club. With an incredible 19 participants at each session, the demand for more sessions that are of a similar framework is becoming more evident.

The Swans programme has created a safe space in the club that has cultivated an encouraging, inclusive environment for this group of women, most having never played before.

The ongoing success of the taster sessions series is a true testament to all the hard work, time, and effort Club Chairman Eamonn Newell has put into getting this opportunity off the ground.

Coaching the session himself, Eamonn gave us his thoughts on the importance of growing sessions like this:

"Although women's football is thriving, it was obvious most women over the age of 30 never had anything like the opportunities to play that are available today. Through our Swans FC programme, we want to create a fun, safe and welcome environment for this 'forgotten generation' so they could give football a try, especially if it's for the first time."

Lauren, a participant of the session, also shared her thoughts:

"Football has always been played by everyone in my family, with the exception of me. I'm usually the taxi or the cheerleader on the side of the pitch. Whilst I get so much enjoyment from watching the children play, it also feels great to finally make it on the pitch myself, with a great bunch of like-minded mums who just want to have a bit of fun, stay active and show their children that mums can absolutely do it too!"

Fellow player Yvonne added:

"When I grew up, football was only for boys. Luckily times have changed, and my daughter has been playing for 5 years. I now manage her team to show her girls/women are involved in football, but I lacked the experience of playing myself. It's great to now be given that opportunity in a fun environment.”

The impact that sessions aimed at mums and women aged 30 and over is having is undeniable. Middlesex FA would like to thank and congratulate everyone at Twickenham Cygnets on their Swans Programme and their constant drive to create better, more equal opportunities for all.

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If you or your club are interested in delivering similar sessions, please email Middlesex FA’s Women’s Recreation & Volunteering Officer at

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