The winners with the cup

2021 22 Season Review

Read as we look back on another season for Middlesex football in our 2021-22 Season Review.


We are the governing body for football in Middlesex providing everyone with the opportunity to participate in the game. Middlesex is the most densely populated and diverse county in the country and we are committed to connecting and collaborating with everyone who would like to be involved.

Our primary focus when anyone chooses to participate in the game is to make sure safeguards are in place to ensure they have fun in a safe environment, creating pathways for them to stay in the nation’s favourite game for as long as they wish.

At Middlesex FA our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to share their passion for football. At our facility, Rectory Park, we are proud to have expanded our reach and are now delivering workshops with partners such as knife crime awareness, mental health awareness and nutrition workshops to engage with the community and use football as the driver to motivate them and help build their skill set in areas such as confidence, teamwork and respect.

Please take time to read the full report, detailing the fantastic work that has taken place across the county.

We thank you for all of the support throughout the season and would like to congratulate everyone who has been involved in the game across Middlesex. We look forward to working with you again next season. 

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