Group photo to end the day


Jim Taylor

After a Covid enforced interval of 3 years, Middlesex FA again staged this event, which was successfully introduced in 2019.   It again took place at our Rectory Park HQ on the morning of Sunday last, 25th June and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone attending.   The weather behaved itself, despite threatening us with a few spots of rain during the opening proceedings.   It remained dry throughout the morning and the temperature was perfect for football.

The emphasis of the event, as it is with all Wildcats activities, was to encourage the participating girls to have fun and enjoy the beautiful game.   The morning’s activities were supervised, with this in mind, by Katie Phillipson and Andrew Perren of the Middlesex FA Operations Team and Saif, who is a member of our Youth Council.  

Seven teams from the U8-U11 age group attended and they all played each other once, giving a total of 21 matches of 10 minutes each.   The games were 5 v 5, with rolling substitutions and did not have referees.   The players were encouraged to make their own decisions.   Katie, Andy and Saif Atrakji acted as pitch coordinators and were responsible for timing the matches.   The team coaches were asked to support and encourage their players from the side-lines and offer guidance to the players when needed.  

All of the matches were non-competitive.   The scores were not recorded and league tables were not produced.   The teams taking part were Kinja Pink, Kinja Purple, Brent, West Harrow Pink, West Harrow Purple, Hope Church and Larkspur Rovers.

Unfortunately, only 2 Wildcat centres, Kinja and Larkspur Rovers, were represented in the U5-U7 age group.  As it was not feasible to play a series of matches, Katie organised some skill related activities and drills for them.   They also had access to the free play area for the morning.

The County photographer, Chris Benn recorded the events and all of his pictures can be viewed by accessing the link below.   A selection of his favourite shots can be viewed by accessing the second link.

Full Album courtesy of Chris Benn

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