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Jim Taylor

The semi-finals of the Middlesex FA Girl’ U16 Cup were contested on Saturday last, 2nd April.  London Bees WFC U16 Academy Girls were at home to Hinton & Finchley Revolution U16 Haringey while the latter club’s U15 side were entertaining Harefield United Youth U16 Girls.

Our roving team of Chris Benn (photographer) and Jim Taylor (reporter) decided to attend the first named match, which was played on the excellent 4G pitch at Barnet FC’s Hive headquarters.

London Bees had reached the semi-finals of the competition by beating Kensington Dragons Youth U16s (15-0 home) in round 1 and Enfield Town Ladies Youth U15s (7-0) in the quarter final.  H&R Revolution U16 Haringey had a walkover against Ruislip Rangers U16s in round 1 and had beaten Enfield Town Ladies Youth U16s (6-0 home) in their quarter final match.

This was an enjoyable match to watch, played in a good spirit.   Both sides passed the ball around well and play moved quickly up and down the pitch, providing lots of goalmouth action.  After an evenly balanced and scoreless first half, H&FR Haringey took charge after the interval and ran out 3-0 winners.

The visitors had an attempt on goal in the 1st minute.  Rimini Lowe’s through ball released Mia Obeng, whose shot was comfortably taken by Bees’ goalkeeper, Ava Ward.  Haringey had further chances.   Justine Roberts made a good run through the middle but was crowded out.  Rimini Lowe set up Justine, whose run up the wing produced a corner.  A run by Shakira Kafero-Roberts released Rimini, whose shot was blocked by a defender.

At the other end, a low shot by Lily Dolling was well taken by Haringey keeper. Teida Nakamoto.  Then Teido saved at Lily’s feet from a low cross.

Tieda Nakamoto saves at Lily Dolling's feet

Shakira made a penetrating run for Haringey and released Rimini, whose cross did not attract a touch.

Marie Roman shot narrowly over the bar for Bees and then Lily Dolling burst through the middle but was thwarted by keeper Teida, who had left her penalty box.

Tieda leaves her area to thwart Lily Dolling

Haringey then went close to scoring twice more .   Megan Peters-Weise shot just wide and then Chloe Ions bounced a shot onto the top of the home crossbar.

Haringey’s Lola Shack made a last-ditch goal saving tackle on Lily Dolling.  Then Lily’s low shot from a wide angle was gathered by keeper Teida Nakamoto, who then made a good save from Sabina Peterson-Rajalingam’s long free kick.

London Bees’ keeper, Ava Ward pushed a close-range header from Tayla Dennis over her crossbar for a corner and then Chloe Ions hit the Bees’ goal frame with a long shot.

Ava Ward pushes a header from Tayla Dennis (7) over her crossbar

Half time score: London Bees 0   H&F Revolution Haringey 0

Lola Singer-Norsworthy released Lily Dolling, who was stopped by a last-ditch tackle from Tayla Dennis.  Tayla had an excellent match in the Haringey defence.

Haringey now started to dominate the game.  Ava Ward saved low down from Shakira Kafero-Roberts and then Lola Almendros made a timely tackle on Shakira.

The visitors took the lead from a corner, taken on the left by Rimini Lowe, in the 12th minute of the half.  The ball appeared to enter the net off of a defender, stationed by the far post.

Haringey's first goal from Rimini Lowe's corner

The home keeper saved an awkward bouncing long range effort from Megan Peters-Weise and at the other end, Teida saved low down from Lola Singer- Norsworthy.

Haringey doubled their lead in the 20th minute of the half, from another Rimini Lowe corner, again from the left.  This time Rimini’s kick entered the net, after evading the keeper’s attempt to punch it away.

Haringey's second goal from another Rimini Lowe corner

Rimini Lowe is congratulated by her team mates

Chloe Ions’ cross found Megan, who was thwarted by a home defender’s tackle.  Then Chloe brought a diving save from the Ava Ward.

Then Tayla Dennis made an important tackle on Lola Singer-Norsworthy, who seemed to have broken through the Haringey rearguard.

A Rimini Lowe corner, this time from the right, troubled Ava Ward, who held onto the ball at the second attempt.   Next, a goal-bound shot from Megan was deflected by a defender’s outstretched foot.

Amber Leighton's shot hits the Bees' crossbar...

Haringey completed the scoring in the last minute of the match.  Amber Leighton hit the Bees’ crossbar and Justine Roberts netted the rebound.

...and Justine Roberts nets the rebound

Final Score: London Bees 0   H&F Revolution Haringey 3  

Referee Kapa Garmendia and his colleagues controlled the match well.

London Bees: (rolling substitutes were used) Ava Ward, Georgia Brandon, Grace Jarrett, Caitlin Finnerty, Lola Singer-Norsworthy, Sabina Peterson-Rajalingam, Serafina Chew-Siegel, Marie Roman, Torri Keen, Lily Dolling, Charlotte Byde, Jasmine Yamani, Roopjot Bath, Amy Reeves, Lauren Reeves and Lola Almendros.

The London Bees

Hinton & Finchley Revolution Haringey: Teida Nakamoto, Lola Shack, Tayla Dennis, Megan Peters-Weise, Amber Leighton, Emily Pickard, Chloe Ions, Shakira Kafero-Roberts, Mia Obeng, Justine Roberts, Sarah McDermott and Rimini Lowe.

The Haringey team

Referee: Kapa Garmendia   Assistant Referees: Niall O’Kane and Jack Ardouin.

The Hinton & Finchley Revolution U15 Haringey side also won their semi-final against Harefield Youth U16 Girls, by 4 goals to 2.   Our congratulations are offered to the club on providing both teams for the final, which will be played at Rectory Park on Saturday, 7th May (KO 2.00 pm).   The H&F Revolution Haringey U14 team have also qualified for their final, in which they will play the QPR Womens’ U14 side.

We thank Chris & Jim for giving up their Saturday morning to cover this match, as ever they have reviewed Chris' photos and have selected their favourites, as shown throughout the report. Chris has also kindly provided a full album of imagery from the match.

Chris & Jim's Picks

Full album courtesy of Chris Benn

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