Townmead FC

Accredited Club of the Month

Find out about the April 2022 Club of the Month, Townmead

We established the club in 2012 with just 1 team which was an U11 team. Why did we start it? Gary Williams our chairman then and to this day has a son who tried other clubs in the area but they didn’t really seem to be structured with the diverse and inclusion needs of the community, so Gary decided to start a new club on the old grounds where local people attended a secondary school that was closed down in 1992 called Townmead so the club was named after the school.

Gary Williams and his partner Roxanne Mckenzie have worked relentlessly over the years to build a club, committee and members ensuring all FA guidelines and policies are followed and in the last couple of years we have really grown the club to what it is today.

Our future plans include the continuation of expanding the club in order to allow more members of the surrounding communities to come together as one and learn, develop, progress and enjoy the rewards grass routes football has to offer for the whole family.

We are currently working with the local authorities and Football Foundation to secure funding for some secure boundary fencing for our equipment storage containers as we have suffered many counts of vandalism. It is our dream to be able to have a secure building along with facilities which we would be able to share and make it easier to succeed in offering an even better club to our members. We can dream and I am a believer of dreams do come true if you want them hard enough.

We also pride ourselves in keeping our club membership fees to an absolute minimum which is really appreciated by all our members. Our club is all about the people, inclusion, diversity, happiness, and community bonding rather than making any profit and this has been recognised by our members.

We offer a holiday programme for our members and others in the community to participate in whilst parents are working, this runs all day by qualified coaches and has been very popular in our community.

We are also in the process of arranging community crime prevention weekends along with the local authorities and safer neighbourhood teams to make young members of our community aware of the dangers and how to conduct themselves when out in public. I am hoping to be able to provide more information on this soon.

We have arranged player and parent away days which include watching England games, QPR days where the players get to go on the pitch. Family fun evenings watching wrestling, bowling, paint ball.

On what being an England Accredited Club means to Townmead, Youth Team Secretary Lee Wheelwright said, “Knowing that we are doing everything the correct way. with the backing of The FA. We spend many hours each week ensuring everyone involved in the club is conducting themselves in the correct way and pushing them to go above and beyond what is expected in order to make a difference to so many families.”

He went on to speak about what winning this award would mean to the club and said: “So proud, we are celebrating our 10th year this year and this would be perfect timing and such a proud reward for everything our club is about. The constant hard work is really starting to pay off now. We have a good relationship with the London Borough of Hillingdon and winning this award will also assist them in promoting the good work we are doing for our community.”