Take a Stand

See abuse, report it

Middlesex FA believe that it is time for the silent majority to drown out the vocal minority

Following the reports throughout recent weeks regarding the racial abuse directed towards members of our England side, Middlesex FA believe that it is time for the silent majority to drown out the vocal minority. 

We must take a stand on a local level against online discrimination and abuse of any kind. Whether this be aimed at a professional footballer or a member of the public, we will continue to support the drive at a national level, alongside The FA, around additional measures, including the appropriate legislation so that this abuse has real life consequences. We call on all social media companies to step up and take accountability for making their platforms free from this type of abuse. 

As a county we know we need to also play our part in driving change, and from the responses we are seeing online we think that the majority of our members have been equally appalled by this behaviour and wish to do likewise. Individuals who make these types of comments must be made to understand that there are consequences for their actions. 

We therefore would like to remind and ask our members to report any abuse they see online from people they are ‘friends’ with or follow and know or think are involved in the grassroots game within Middlesex. 

This can be done anonymously by just taking a screen shot of the comment and the individual’s profile (to try to ensure it is not an anonymous type account) and sending it to discipline@middlesexfa.com

Alternatively if, for whatever reason, you would feel more comfortable reporting it to a third party then you can take a stand and report it through any of the options below:  

The FA

Kick it Out (football’s equality and inclusion organisation) by e-mailing report@kickitout.org

As a County FA we have delegated authority from The FA to work in conjunction with them to apply their disciplinary rules and regulations within Middlesex. This includes specific powers around comments made on social media by active participants (parents, coaches, players, referees, club or league officials etc.) 

This may include educational sanctions and/or disciplinary measures (fines, match/ground bans etc) for anyone who is seen to post abuse online and therefore to have acted in an improper manner or believed to have brought the game into disrepute. 

If the highlighted individuals are considered within FA regulations as a participant within the game then we, as an organisation, assure our members that we will do everything within our powers to try to hold them and/or the clubs they allegedly represent to account for any abusive comments made. 

The England team has already inspired so much positivity and maybe they and these incidents will encourage more people to Take that Stand and battle against discrimination and online abuse to ensure the National game is ‘For All’. 

As our captain Harry Kane stated, ‘If you abuse anyone on social media, you’re not an England fan and we don’t want you’. 

Well Harry, we agree, and we don’t want it or them in Middlesex either.

Middlesex FA