Middlesex FA (Coach Development Offer) - Managing the Transition from Youth to Adult Football.

As part of our Coach Development Offer, we are delighted to confirm our next face to face event during the 2021/22 season to support our coaches. Throughout these events, we will continue to provide learning opportunities and resources to our coaches that will support the development of more skilful players, more inspirational opportunities and develop more transformational coaches.

Join Kevin Green (FA Affiliate Tutor) for a two hour session in Managing the Transition from Youth to Adult Football. Are you a coach who is working with a team moving into the adult game or do you want to find out more about coaching in the adult game? Join us on Saturday 17th July alongside our Youth to Adult Festival where youth teams making the move into the adult game will be competing against existing adult teams in short 11 v 11 games. The event will be a mixture of theory & practical where coaches will see in this live environment how they can prepare & support their team with the move from the youth game into the adult game. 

  • Preparing your players for the transition to the adult game.
  • Challenges you may face as a coach.
  • Managing the expectations of your players.
  • Decisions you may need to think about before, during and after the game.

Event Details

Venue:   Middlesex FA, Rectory Park, Ruislip Road, Northolt, UB5 6AU

Date:      Saturday 17th July 2021

Time:      10:00am - 12:00pm

Arrival:   Please arrive for 9:45am so the event can start on time.

Cost:       £10

Tutors:    Kevin Green (FA Affiliate Tutor)

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