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LGBT+ Inclusion & Football

February is an important month to raise awareness of LGBT+ discrimination and to take action in ensuring all aspects of football is inclusive for all.

This month we have shared Football v Homophobia Month of Action which is an initiative to challenge discrimination against the LGBT+ community in football and remove all prejudice so the game can be enjoyed by everyone.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure they are welcoming of the LGBT+ community and during this period of the suspension of football, it’s a great opportunity to reflect and learn how to do just that. Football v Homophobia are running workshops throughout the month, follow the link to join; https://www.footballvhomophobia.com/fvh-events/

As part of Football v Homophobia month of action, Middlesex FA held a panel conversation talk about LGBT+ inclusion and football. We invited Beatrice Thirkettle from Pride Sport to host who was joined by Luke Tuffs (1st team manager at Ashford Town (Middx) FC), Emma O’Connor (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion specialist) and Gemma (LGBeet Bees Fan Group) to chat about LGBT+ inclusion in Football.

Our panelist gave an insightful conversation around their experience as an LGBT+ person in football, the feeling of acceptance and wider conversations around boundaries, culture, representation and visibility, roles and responsibilities of the LGBT person, club and football culture. Watch the full panel and share your thoughts with us;


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