Mental Health Awareness

County FA Team Become Mental Health Aware

The team at Middlesex FA take part in a training course led by Mental Health First Aid England.

During a week that would see the nation support both Children’s Mental Health Week and Time to Talk Day, the focus at Middlesex FA was firmly on promoting awareness of mental health and ending any stigma surrounding the subject.

As part of this focus, staff at Middlesex FA formed a mental health training course with Laura Rigden and Jake Kemp, representing Mental Health First Aid England, on Tuesday 5 February.

Hosted at Middlesex FA’s Rectory Park headquarters, the course provided a great opportunity for all members of the County FA team to talk about mental health, and share their experiences in a discussion on how they may relate to the workplace.

Delivered as part of Middlesex FA’s training package to staff, the half-day workshop emphasised the importance of talking about mental health and increasing people’s confidence in doing so.

Whilst football has always been a great way to improve physical health, the County FA is just as committed to ensuring that those involved in the game are as healthy mentally as they are physically. Through increased awareness and by decreasing the stigma associated with mental health, as a collective the nation is heading in the right direction.

Leigh O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer at Middlesex FA, said: “Having completed the two-day mental health first aid course, I wanted to share the opportunity for all of our staff to learn more about mental health awareness. It’s great for us all to feel more comfortable discussing the topic and an important part of our responsibilities as an employer to upskill and support our employees.”

Laura Rigden, of Mental Health First Aid England, added: “It was an insightful morning with a great team, which delivered some interesting discussions. It really is so very important that we all talk more about mental health and start to increase our confidence in starting those conversations.”

For more information on Mental Health First Aid England, please visit 

Middlesex FA would like to thank Laura and Jake for taking the time to deliver a valued course to our staff.


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