IAG Chair, Shafique Govani

Shafique Govani appointed IAG Chair

Middlesex FA is delighted to announce the appointment of Shafique Govani as Inclusion Advisory Group Chairman.

Middlesex FA has revived its Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG) with a view to further progress and streamline the work towards the objective of “Football for All”. As part of this revival, Stanmore Jafferys Head of Youth Football, Shafique Govani, has been appointed as the new Chairman of the group.

The role of the IAG covers advancing equality of opportunity for all groups and fostering good relationships with the local community so that football can be used to create positive sporting opportunities and increase participation for all. This would be achieved by consulting with our diverse communities and ensuring that the services we provide meet any gaps in provision and are relevant to the needs of our football communities.

The County IAG action plan and its goals play a pivotal role in delivering our new National Game Strategy, and the goals and targets it contains, celebrating and embracing a multi-cultural and multi-layered society. 

Furthermore, the work of the IAG will be geared towards further strengthening strategic relationships with external organisations who are working with and towards similar objectives and purpose. 

Shafique is a leading volunteer with Stanmore Jaffery’s Football Academy and has been involved with the club for a number of years helping to develop and grow and formalise the club to its current state of providing football to over 200 young people (aged U6 to U16) from the Stanmore community. 

Lynsey Edwards, Head of Participation and Development at Middlesex FA said:

"I’m delighted that Shafique has been appointed as Chair to the new Inclusion Advisory Group.  His experience and achievements through Stanmore Jafferys will be invaluable for us to share with the wider Middlesex community.  With his passion and skill set, he’ll bring a fresh perspective to both check and challenge our existing plans whilst adding new ideas to ensure Middlesex FA is fully representative of the communities we cover.” 

Following Shafique’s appointment, the new Middlesex FA IAG will be recruiting over the next few months for additional volunteers to join the committee.  We will be looking for pro-active and knowledgeable volunteers who work with minority groups to help shape and challenge the Middlesex FA business plan and delivery for working to ensure we are more inclusive.  

If you would like to be involved in the IAG please contact Lynsey Edwards - lynsey.edwards@middlesexfa.com.

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