Sunday Junior Cup winners, The Beehive BHP

The Beehive BHP win stormy sunday junior cup final

Jim Taylor
Match report from the Middlesex FA Sunday Junior Cup Final between Beesotted FC and The Beehive BHP.

The Middlesex FA 2018 Cup Finals programme continued at Hendon FC’s excellent venue on Wednesday evening with the Sunday Junior Cup Final. This was contested between Beesotted FC of the Chiswick and District Sunday League and The Beehive BHP of the Edmonton and District Sunday League. These clubs are situated at the geographical extremities of our County and judging by the events during this match, this must be a good thing.

Referee Steve Conway had to use all of his considerable experience to keep a game between two teams, most of whose players were on a very short fuse, under control. Thanks to his calm handling of some very volatile situations, he succeeded. He was well supported in this endeavour by his assistants.

The match ended in a 4-1 victory for The Beehive, who were only formed 2 years ago, thus putting a new name on this particular trophy.

The Beehive started well and went ahead in the 2nd minute when James Lindie netted from close range. They continued to hold the initiative and manufactured several more chances, which they were unable to take. The nearest they came to increasing their lead at this stage was a shot from Jed Livermore, which was cleared off of the goal line.

Then in the 10th minute, for no obvious reason, a mass confrontation occurred, in front of the dug outs, involving around half of the players.

Once this had calmed down and football resumed, Beesotted came into the game a little more. However, The Beehive doubled their lead in the 25th minute, through a hard low  drive from tall striker Chancey Dash.

Chancey netted again, following a run by Jed Livermore but this effort was disallowed because of a foul by the latter.

Almost immediately, Beesotted pulled a goal back when Harry Farnan fastened onto a redbound from the keeper and crashed the ball home.

Six minutes before the scheduled half time interval another fracas ensued. This time the cause was obvious – an ugly looking foul by Reece Lyons of The Beehive on Beesotted’s Harry Ratcliffe. The victim was in obvious pain and was eventually carried off. He played no further part in the match.

Reece Lyons was sent from the field for serious foul play. He was followed by a procession of other players comprising of Max Mitchell of The Beehive and Glenn Faircloth, Chris Hogan and Richard Wittekind of Beesotted. Richard Wittekind had been sitting on the substitutes bench when he decided to enter the fray. The latter 4 were dismissed for violent conduct.

Half time score: Beesotted 1   The Beehive BHP 2

So, the second half began with 9 players on the field from each side.

The Beehive continued to dominate play and Beesotted barely troubled keeper Michael Ball. Apart from adding 2 more goals to their tally, The Beehive created more chances but were wasteful in front of goal.

Chancey Dash’s low drive was stopped with difficulty by keeper Paul Greenslade. Reece Wilson put Chancey through but the latter was dispossessed through a weight of numbers. Chancey drove wide, following a run by Reece Wilson.

Then, with the Beesotted defence vainly appealing for offside, a well-placed Chancey shot over the bar. Reece Wilson worked his way into a good position but fired wide.

The Beehive eventually scored a third goal in the 74th minute, through Troy Archer, who placed his shot from around 30 yards into the corner of the goal to the diving keeper’s left.

Chancey Dash broke through again but was thwarted by a brave save by Paul Greenslade. Both players were hurt in the subsequent collision.

Paul then punched Troy Archer’s close range high shot to safety but The Beehive added a 4th goal in the 2nd minute of added time. Mark Brennan’s run set up Chancey Dash.    Paul parried Chancey’s shot but the ball spun away from him into the net.

Referee Steve Conway’s testing evening continued into the second half. Altogether, the match contained 6 cautions and 4 dismissals. The cautions were issued to The Beehive’s Richard Woodman, James Lindie, David Roache, Jed Livermore and Max Mitchell (for tackle committed before his subsequent dismissal for violent conduct) and to Besotted’s Roy Faircloth.

Final Score: Besotted 1   The Beehive BHP 4  

John Jackson, the Chairman of the Middlesex FA Adults Cup Sub Committee presented the medals and trophy after the match.   He chose The Beehive’s classy midfielder, Mark Brennan as Man of the Match.

Our thanks are due to Hendon FC for allowing us the use of their superb facilities and for their hospitality and assistance during an eventful evening. The attendance was 96.

Paul Greenslade, Jacob Murtagh, Lee Wood, Glenn Faircloth, Roy Faircloth, Myles Hook (capt), Nico Noonan, Harry Ratcliffe, Harry Farnan, Aaron Hogan and Chris Hogan.

Substitutes: (repeat substitutions are used in this competition) Richard Wittekind, Joe Woods, Ross Malone, Dan Green and Tommy Ratcliffe.

Manager: Mark Jones   Assistant Manager: Richard Smith 

Michael Ball, Scott Brosnan, Perry Melville, David Roache (capt), Jed Livermore, Chancey Dash, Max Mitchell, Mark Brennan, Lee Brennan, Reece Lyons and James Lindie.

Substitutes: Richard Woodman, Troy Archer, Reece Wilson, George Barton and Amando Hoxha.

Manager: Steve LIvermore   Coach: Colin Greenwood

Referee: Steve Conway   Assistant Referees: Danny Samuels and Sobastian Frazer   Fourth Official: Harry Barfoot

Photos from the game can be found via the link below, courtesy of matchday photographer Chris Benn. 

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