3G pitch at Middlesex FA's Rectory Park

Football facilities in Middlesex set for funding boost

The FA National Football Facilities Strategy is set to boost football facilities in Middlesex.

The National Football Facilities Strategy is a 10 year strategy which aims to change the landscape for football facilities in the County. To inform and direct investment a Local Football Facility Plan will be produced for each local authority in Middlesex. 
The Football Association has engaged with consultants Knight, Kavanagh and Page to conduct this piece of work. The plans will be developed over the next two years and will be in partnership with the local authority with the aim of developing a 10 year investment plan in to facilities within each borough.
The investment priorities are; 3Gs, changing pavilions, improved grass pitches and better indoor and outdoor spaces. The plan will provide an outcome driven investment process rather than the present applicant lead process to develop a sustainable network of facilities.
The process will involve local research, mapping current assets, identifying under supply and opportunities which will lead to the LFFP from which projects can be delivered.
To help shape the plans each local authority will create, for the purpose of the LFFP, a Steering Group comprising of strategic partners to research and deliver the plan. Because of the increased housing growth, the LB Brent is in the first tranche of authorities to develop a plan and the first Steering Group will meet on 26th April 2018 with the view of completing the plan by August 2018. The steering group will be made up from:-

  • Local authority reps (regeneration, planning, parks and leisure)
  • Sport England planners
  • London Sport
  • Football Foundation
  • Professional club community trusts
  • Middlesex FA
  • Knight, Kavanagh & Page 
For more information on the strategy or local football facility plans, please contact Middlesex FA's Head of Facility Investment, Stuart Allen at stuart.allen@middlesexfa.com


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