Hanwell Town Pitch

Benefits of Hanwell Town FC’s pitch improvement aren’t just below the surface!

Funding for new maintenance equipment will help the groundsman at Hanwell Town FC to keep the pitch in optimum condition.

Hanwell Town FC are celebrating their finished pitch improvement project in Middlesex, made possible by investment from the Premier League, which has been delivered by the Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF).

The investment has allowed Hanwell Town FC, who play in the Bostik League South Central Division at Step 4, to undergo a significant surface upgrade at the Powerday Stadium. This has included installing a brand new drainage system, a state-of-the-art irrigation system and re-seeding the pitch. The project is set to have a really positive impact not only on its groundsmen, by making it easier to keep the pitch in optimum condition, but also the players. Thanks to the works, the quality of the surface has been improved, reducing the risk of match cancellation in winter and aiding the post-season restoration of the grass.

The upgraded pitch will support the development of Hanwell Town FC’s first team, as well as their Under-18 side, which plays in the Allied Counties Youth Football League East Division. This is part of a larger five-year programme for the club, to ensure their future sustainability. The project was made possible by a £73,580 grant from the Premier League, which is delivered through the Football Stadia Improvement Fund – the sister organisation of the Football Foundation. Hanwell Town FC has previously received two other FSIF grants, totaling £17,115, towards other upgrades for their ground.

The FSIF is funded with £6.5m each year from the Premier League. It is the country’s largest provider of grants towards projects that help improve the comfort and safety of lower-league football grounds in both the professional and amateur game. These improvements range from new football stands and turnstiles to floodlighting and improved provision for disabled supporters.

Tom Duffy, Head Groundsman for Hanwell Town FC, who previously worked for Arsenal FC’s ground staff team, said: “This is a major investment for a club at this level and will transform the pitch for years to come. The lateral drains are spaced every 3m and the trenches for the irrigation also act as addition drains. With the new irrigation system we can now water the pitch at night in just 78 minutes instead of having sprinklers running 24/7. On match days we can slick up the pitch in just 12 minutes from an app on the phone.”

Peter McCormick OBE, Chairman of the Football Stadia Improvement Fund, said: “Not all FSIF projects are immediately obvious. Some, like Hanwell Town FC’s, are beneath the surface – but are still having a drastic effect on improving the quality of infrastructure throughout lower levels of the game. It is fantastic that a grant from the Premier League, delivered by the FSIF, has enabled the club to carry out their pitch drainage and irrigation works. This is set to really benefit players, by giving them a reliable and high-quality surface to train, develop and compete on. I’d like to congratulate the club on their hard work in bringing this project to fruition, and wish them the best of luck.”

For more information, please contact:

  • Jack Cavilla: (0345 345 4555) Ext. 4292; jack.cavilla@footballfoundation.org.uk
  • Nigel Hunt: (07860 737 775);  nigel.hunt65@gmail.com