Middlesex FA Sunday Junior Trophy winners, Putney Athletic

Putney win Sunday Junior Trophy

Jim Taylor
Match report from the Sunday Junior Trophy final between Sandgate FC and Putney Athletic FC.

The Middlesex Junior Trophy Final was contested on Thursday evening at Bedfont & Feltham FC’s attractive Orchard ground. It involved Sandgate FC of the Middlesex County League and Putney Athletic of the Chiswick and District League. 

A well-contested match ended with Putney Athletic good value for their narrow 2-1 victory. Defences were in the ascendancy for most of the game, with the giant members of the Putney Athletic defence appearing to be particularly formidable.

Some early action in the Putney goalmouth saw Reece Milne’s fierce shot parried by keeper, Joseph Beharie and scrambled for a corner.  

However, Sandgate took the lead in the 10th minute through Bailey O’Callaghan. Putney’s defence lost possession with Joseph Beharie well off of his goal line and despite    Joseph’s despairing efforts to keep the ball out of his net, a gleeful Bailey scored with a lob from around 40 yards.

Putney hit back and a low drive by Wayne Marryshow drew a full-length diving save from keeper Adam Childs.   

Putney equalised in the 13th minute. A wide free-kick across the Sandgate goal area, by Jermaine Yamoah, was played back to Wayne, who netted.

The initiative remained with Putney up to the interval. A corner from Jermaine was headed narrowly wide by Joe Cole. Adam Childs turned a drive from skipper Suhayl Asri around the post. Jahmal Ramsay made a penetrating run but the keeper just beat Jack Cole to the resultant cross. Then, Charlie Murray just raced Jahmal to a perceptive through ball.

Halftime score: Sandgate 1   Putney Athletic 1

Josh Cole advanced for a corner and scored the match-winning goal for Putney Athletic, from close range, 5 minutes into the second half.

Very few chances accrued as the half progressed and play became a little scrappy. Yellow cards did accrue though, mainly for reckless tackles.

Abdi Hassan worked hard and was Putney’s most dangerous attacker but he was usually dispossessed before he could inflict any damage. He went close with a low shot and then hit a low hard cross across the box which did not attract a touch.

Sandgate’s best effort of the half was a well-struck drive by Bailey O'Callaghan which was well held by Joseph Beharie.

Final Score: Sandgate 1   Putney Athletic 2

Referee Tom Simmons and his team handled the match well. Although the game was generally played in a good spirit, a few awkward situations needed sorting out. Tom eventually issued a total of 6 cautions.

The Guest of Honour, Former Middlesex FA President, Jim Taylor and Bob Jarvis, the current President, presented the medals and trophy after the match. Jim chose Putney Athletic defender, Josh Cole as Man of the Match.

Our thanks are due to Bedfont and Feltham FC for allowing us the use of their excellent facilities and for their hospitality throughout the evening. The attendance was 153.

(repeat substitutions were used): Adam Childs, Reece Powton, Charlie Murray, Joel Upjohn (capt), Danny Evans, Bailey O’Callaghan, Austin Schofield, Sean Inkpen, Sam Charge, Darragh Foster, Reece Milne, Tyler Randall, Kaine Prichard, Will Geary, Lee Newman and Saeed Majumder.

Manager: Tyler Randall   Assistant Manager: Shane Foster 

Joseph Beharie, Tarak Gill, Orin Fredricks, Tom Raven, Tarlochan Gill, Suhayl Asri (capt), Jermaine Yamoah, Abdi Hassan, Josh Cole, Reis Arias, Mohammed Ali, Jahmal Ramsey, Daniel Sechere, Mo Zeydane, Wayne Marryshow and Jack Cole.

Manager: Jamie Culell   Coach: Josh Cole

Referee: Tom Simmons   Assistant Referees: Jordan Coleman and Mervyn Hughes  Fourth Official: Shaun Wills

Photos from the game can be found below, courtesy of official matchday photograhper Chris Benn.

Match photos

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