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Facility development

Whether you want to develop your own facility, or use ours - we're here to help.  

As well as managing one of our own football facilities, the Middlesex FA are also here to support local facilities and pitches by ensuring they meet all the requirements to support participation.

Have a pitch surface you want to improve? A facility you want to develop? Or perhaps you just need to register your new 3G surface? Here's how we can help...

Pitch improvement programme

The quality of your pitch matters. That's why, in partnership with The FA and the Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG), we support grassroots football clubs in improving the quality of grass pitches through a Regional Pitch Advisor.

The Regional Pitch Advisor will -

  • Visit the club to assess the quality of your pitch(es)
  • Analyse the pitch maintenance programme
  • Present a written report to the club with recommendations

To qualify for a visit a club will need to own their site or be responsible for the maintenance of the grass pitches.

Applicants should be aware that there is a charge of £100 for the service which includes;

  • An initial site visit to discuss maintenance programme, equipment, budget and issues
  • A written report based on the visit with recommendations
  • A follow up visit or discussion to address progress or identify further issues, generally 6 months after the first visit depending on recommendations

Facility improvement

Whether you are looking to revamp your clubhouse from top to bottom or invest in some new changing rooms to keep your players happy, we're here to give you the support and guidance you need to see the project through. 

If you are intending to improve your football facilities (which may involve 3G football turf pitches, changing room pavilions / clubhouses,  grass pitch improvements or better indoor / outdoor spaces) please contact Middlesex FA's Head of Participation and Development, Neal Hickey on so that we can provide advice and guidance.

Following this, you may be asked to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form which can be found below.

Please note if you have already started work on your project (for example, building/construction has already begun), then it is unlikely that your project will be eligible for funding.

Enquiry form

FA 3G Register

The FA 3G Register is the official register used by The Football Association to recognise artificial facilities which currently meet FIFA requirements to play sanctioned competitive fixtures.

If the facility you are seeking to use is not on the register then it is likely that is has not been given approval by The FA for competition and you should seek further guidance with the County FA.

Football Stadia Improvement Fund

The Football Stadia Improvement Fund is provided by the Premier League through the Football Foundation. The fund is dedicated to clubs playing from STEPS 1-6 and is there to improve the playing facilities for the club as well as enhancing the experience for the spectator.


the county's First football hub

Rectory Park

Opened in July 2018, Rectory Park is the County's first football hub. Funded by the Football Foundation, The FA and The London Marathon Trust, the new facility is the home of Middlesex FA and offers facilities including: two 3G pitches, a community space, a social space, Middlesex FA offices, a cafe and parking facilities.  



Frequently asked questions about facility development

There are several funding opportunities both locally and nationally that may be able to help fund your project. Please head over to our funding and grants page for more information. 

Yes, the person/organisation that has security of tenure (e.g. ownership or leasehold) must be the applicant for funding. For example, if you rent a council pitch, you can not apply for funding. 

Generally, no. But please contact our Head of Participation and Development, Neal Hickey, for further guidance and support.

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