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Board and Council

meet the middlesex fa board and council members

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John Taylor - Chair

John has been Chair of the Council and Board Middlesex FA since 2011.

He joined the Council of Middlesex FA in 1994. He is currently Chair of the Adult Cups Sub-Committee, having previously acting in a similar role for the General Purpose, Women's and Girls' and Representative Match Committees. 

He is the Middlesex FA Representative to the FA Council and a member of the FA National Game Board and FA Women's Football Board. 

John works as a Senior Cost Consultant in the construction industry.

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Doug Douglas - Vice Chair

Doug joined the Council of the Middlesex Football Association in 1991.

He joined the Board at its inception and is now County Vice Chair, a Director of MFA Limited, being responsible for Human Resources. Elected as a Vice President in 2003, elected Vice Chair in 2011, becoming a Life Member in 2016. He enjoyed a career refereeing in senior football until 1991 and continued refereeing after leaving that level, becoming non-active in 1997 due to a knee problem. Doug’s current involvement is as a FA Contributory League Observer and recently he has been promoted to the Panel for 2B Referees, covering National League North and South. He is also a keen Walking Footballer.

Doug had a long career in the printing industry together with a trade union career that ran in parallel. Eventually, he was elected full-time General President of the then eighth largest trade union in the UK. He retired early in 1995, which has allowed him to devote so much time to football.

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Steve Grover - Finance Director

I have been Finance Director of Middlesex Football Association (MFA) since 2011. 

My love of football has been with me since I was young attending my first game at the age of 8, my support of QPR has been passed down to me by family members and still continues today. 

One of the reasons that I joined MFA was to put something back into grassroots football. In my role I am responsible for the financial stability of MFA I am supported in this by the other directors and staff of MFA.

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Barbara Bivens - Council Elected

I joined the Council of the MIddlesex Football in 1999 and have been  on the board since it was formed. I am currently Chairman of the Cups Committee, Vice Chairman of the Youth Cups Committee, I am also on the Adults Cups Committee and the Representative Committee.

I am a life long supporter of QPR and saw my first game when I was four years old.

I have been the Secretary of North Greenford United for over 25 years.

Before I retired I was a Bank Manager.

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Nigel Hickes - Council Elected

I have been involved with the Middlesex FA for 29 years, including 14 years to date as a Middlesex FA Vice President. I was also Assistant County Secretary for 16 years, and over my time with the Middlesex FA I have served on all of the Association's Standing Committees including 26 years to date on the Governance Committee (currently as Chair), 8 years to date on the Referees Committee and for 21 years I was an active member of the County Cups Committee.

I have served as a Main Board Director for all 19 years since the Association became incorporated in 2003 and the Main Board was formed. During this time, I have taken an active role in all of the affairs of the Board and the Association, which includes the challenging periods of headquarters relocation from Harrow to Northolt followed by the COVID pandemic.

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John Davies - Council Elected

I have been engaged in football for over 50 years, starting as a Referee in 1968. I have been a Youth League Referee's Secretary and Treasurer for approximately 10 year and was elected to the MCFA Youth Association / Division in 2003

I was elected to the Council of MFA in 1989, serving initially on the Competitions Committee then becoming Youth Referee's Appointments Secretary, a post I held for 15 years. Since those early days I have held various posts including the Association's first Child Protection Officers which was in 2001 a voluntary position for. 8 years.

Other positions held are Secretary and Chair of both the Adult and Youth County Cups Committee's. I am an accredited Chairman, Secretary and Side Member on Disciplinary Panels. I am currently an elected Council Board Member on the MFA Board and a Board Member on the MCFC Board, whilst also Chair of the Youth Cups Committee. I am also the Association President.

Liam Walshe, Headshot in front of a neutral background

Liam Walshe - Council Elected

I began refereeing in 1993 in Bedfordshire before moving to Middlesex in 1998 reaching Level 4 status.

Due to injury my final game was in April 2016 ... however I have no regrets and enjoyed officiating at a far higher level than I ever played.

I have now been Head Coach for the Middlesex Referees Academy since 2009.  I am also a member of the Referees Committee (since 2013) and Council Member since 2015.

Away from football I have worked in construction for 44 years and have a passion for antiques, food, wine and travel.

One unknown fact about me is I still go to football with my dad!

Kev Browne

Kevin Browne - Independent Director

Kevin is a Non Executive Director for Middlesex County FA and was appointed in June 2023 and will be acting as the Safeguarding Lead. 

Kevin has a strong background in the Education Sector for the past 18 years and has worked with a number of institutions including  Secondary Schools, Further Education and Higher Education which has also included a range of professional football clubs. 

“I am really looking forward to help develop and supporting the Middlesex FA in their quest for reaching the highest standards on and off the pitch across the game.”

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Dr Colin King - Inclusion Advisory Board Chair

Committee member for 12 years, qualified referee, coach education, teacher and PhD and Msc Sports Science, set up Black and Asian Coaches Association, awarded MBE and FA Coach Hall of Fame.

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Poonam Majithia - Independent Director

Poonam is a Non-Executive Director for Middlesex County FA, appointed in June 2022.

By background, Poonam is a commercial lawyer and has been providing legal advice to sports organisations and businesses since 2015. 

She currently works as a Legal Counsel for UEFA. Prior to joining UEFA, Poonam worked at Chelsea Football Club, as well as, global law firm CMS.

Badri Narasimhan headshot, wearing a suit, ahead of a light background

Badri Narasimhan - Independent Director

I joined Middlesex FA in June 2022 and am very excited to be a part of the journey of such a prestigious and historical organisation.

I have a strategy & commercial background having worked in international companies and I am eagerly looking forward to engaging with grassroots football and the Middlesex community through the MFA.

I am proud father of a son and daughter, and have the privilege of being partner to an amazing person over the last 25+ years.

My motto - find purpose and the means shall follow. In this chapter, my purpose is to help the MFA with my experience and strengthen our organisation as we continue on this exciting journey.


Kayleigh Saunders - Chief Executive Officer

council members

John Davies ( President)

John Taylor (Chairman)

Doug Douglas (Vice Chairman)

Leigh O'Connor (Chief Executive)

Steve Grover (Finance Director)

Derek Mennell

Jim Taylor

Harry Wooster

Peter Clayton

Colin Stupack

Paul Stevens

Graham Hiseman

Bob Jarvis

Robin Jagot

Nigel Hickes

Robin Filkins

Mike Heavey

Bob Elliott

John Smith

Tony Ward

Barbara Bivens

Colin Downey

John Jackson

Mark Sennett

Gary Cobden

Dave Ackerman

Pip Axtell

Stephen Reuter

Andy Lowe

Derek Stevens

Gary Street

Darrel Gyngell

Simon Cudner

Andy Taylor

Liam Walshe

Annette Sennett

Segun Akinwolelda

Dave Fuller

Frank James

Dr Colin King

Andrew Morton 

Danny Sharma

John Noblemunn

Chris Ampofo

Alyson Angelides

Co-opted Councillors

Judi Grice

John Lewis

Co-opted /Independent Members of Committees and Sub Committees

Gill Taylor

Jim Upfold

Jim Bragg

John Fletcher

Claire Ford

Jim Cantle

Dave Holden

Louise Allwood

Caren Benn

Chris Benn

Julie Syer

Ray Herb

Robert Was

Mitchell Payne