Middlesex FA Youth Council member, JJ Roble, at the national Football Futures event

Young Volunteers

Play your role in developing the future of football in Middlesex.

Whether it's coaching, refereeing or administration, football needs it's young volunteers to help support the game.

In return, it provides young people with the opportunities to not only get involved with the game they love, but develop personal and professional skills that will benefit them in later life.

young volunteers

Why volunteer? Well, why not? Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming a young volunteer..

  • Get a 'foot in the door' to working in the football industry
  • Develop a network of contacts
  • Build your CV
  • Increase your employability
  • Develop personal and professional skills
  • Give something back to the game you love
  • Help grow and sustain grassroots football
  • Develop new and exciting areas of the national game (e.g. Walking Football)
Young Volunteers at an FA event

middlesex fa youth council

The 'voice' of young people in Middlesex

Middlesex FA Youth Council Members

The Middlesex FA Youth Council is made up of a group of young people aged 16-24 who provide a 'voice' for people on issues relating to the development of the grassroots game in the County.

The group is driven by the goals set by the FA's National Game strategy and meet once a month.

Benefits of becoming a Middlesex FA Youth Council Member:

  • Opportunities to boost career prospects and build CV
  • Be part of fun football initiatives
  • Chance to collaborate with diverse, passionate leaders eager to make a difference in their community
  • Directly drive and impact the opportunities for young people to get involved with football in Middlesex
  • Potential to progress to the FA National Youth Council
roles in youth council
The refereeing group aim to help existing young referees to stay in the game through a number of workshops and support events.
The coaching support group aim to support existing community events, advertising the work of the Association around courses and affiliated clubs. The group are currently focusing on targeting under represented groups in the county.
 The coaching group aim to support existing young coaches in the grassroots game through CPD events and bursary provision.
The person in the Media and Communications role aims to promote the work of the Youth Council and local football opportunities through online communications.

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