Support and development for referees

Middlesex County FA are working hard to improve the standards of refereeing within the county. Why not become a part of this initiative? Becoming an assessor will put you in a key role of the development of referees’ by providing valuable feedback and guidance to inexperienced referees’.

The purpose of a written assessment is:

  • To assist the Referee to improve performance 
  • Motivate the Referee to adopt the advice 
  • To raise the standard of Referees with the county. 
  • To provide critical information to the County FA 
  • The Football Association Assessors' Handbook, says the Assessor is the "Guardian of standards of the Laws of Game"

The qualities for an Assessor include the following criteria:-

  • Substantial Refereeing Experience
  • Knowledge of current Law 
  • View game through eyes of Referee 
  • Critically analyse performance 
  • Identify strengths 
  • Identify perceived development areas 
  • Offer solutions to eliminate shortcomings 
  • Write a quality, balanced and honest report on the referees’ performance.

We welcome your interest if you wish to become an assessor. Applications will be considered from retired or active referees who wish to be trained as an assessor. Assessors must not be below Level 6 with proven experience or, if not active, have been a minimum of Level 6 [or equivalent].

Applications should be sent to Dan Lauszkin, either by email to or by calling 0208 515 6911.

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