Two players battle for the ball during a game of Futsal


What do Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar have in common?

Well, apart from being some of the best player's in the world, they all spent their early years developing their skills by playing Futsal.
But what is it and how does it differ from other small sided formats?
Futsal is a five-a-side game, normally played on a flat indoor pitch with hockey sized goals and a size 4 ball with a reduced bounce. It is played to touchlines and all players are free to enter the penalty area and play the ball over head-height. Games are 20 minutes per half, played to a stopping clock (similar to basketball) with time-outs permitted.
It's exciting, fast-paced and emphasies use of creativity, technique and improvised intricate play. The absence of rebound boards and amended rules (to that of other Small Sided formats) means Futsal helps to encourage the type of quick, skillful play many football fans have admired in recent times.
Great for those solely interested in Small Sided formats of the game, Fustal is also an excellent breeding ground for football competencies that can be translated into the 11-a-side format of the game.
A true 'For All' format of the game.


Middlesex FA Futsal Festival

The Middlesex FA Futsal Festival is for any affiliated Football or Futsal side wishing to take part in an FA Competition and prove themselves against some of the best Futsal teams in the region and, potentially, the Country.

The Festival runs once a year between April and May and is open to both boys and girls in the following age groups:

  • Under 10s
  • Under 12s
  • Under 14s
  • Under 16s
show off your skills

helvecia futsal

Are you the next England Futsal star? Helvecia Futsal are looking for boys and girls aged 6-14 years old (of all abilities) to join their Futsal Academy in Staines. 

Find out more below. 

Helvecia Futsal session details


Frequently asked  questions about Futsal

If you would like to get involved with a local Futsal club please contact us with information including your age and location and we'll signpost you to a club.

  • Ball size - Futsal uses a smaller ball (size 4) with a reduced bounce
  • Kick-ins are taken when the ball goes out of play 
  • Rolling substitutions 
  • All players allowed to enter penalty area
  • Hockey-sized goals
  • No height restriction on ball 

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Lionel Messi, Barcelona
As a little boy in Argentina, I played futsal on the streets and for my club. It was tremendous fun, and it really helped me become who I am today.
- Lionel Messi learn more about futsal