Middlesex Referees Promoted!

Five referees from Middlesex have been recognised by The Football Association for their performances this season and awarded promotion to a higher le

Andy Williams has been awarded promotion to Level 3, meaning he will officiate on the Contributory Leagues next season. This means that Andy is likely to referee on the Isthmian and Southern Leagues and caps a superb season for him, in which he was also selected to represent The FA at the Dallas Cup, an international youth tournament. The picture above the left is of Andy attending a reception at the start of the event. He was involved in ten matches, including one televised locally and another involving the Under-19 team from Manchester United.

A further four referees have been promoted to Level 4, meaning that they will referee on a Supply League, such as the Hellenic, Combined Counties, or Spartan South Midlands Leagues. Level 4 referees also act as assistant referees on the Contributory Leagues.

Nathan Briggs, Nick Churcher and Niall Gibbons have all reached Level 4 after being promoted to Level 5 earlier this season, so have achieved a "double jump" from Level 6 to 4 in just 12 months. Also moving up from Level 5 is Darren Fenner.

All five officials have had to achieve high standards of performance on the pitch according to both clubs and assessors and pass a fitness test in order to be considered for promotion.

A limited number of referees from around the country are recognised in this way by The FA each season, so it is a significant achievement for all five to have been promoted. The Association congratulates them and wishes them every success in their new Leagues.

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