Dealing with dismissals, cautions and other incidents

This page is designed to assist referees with reporting cautions, dismissals and misconduct to Middlesex County FA and / or other County FAs.

We have supplied on this page a set of blank forms that you should complete when reporting misconduct.  We have also supplied FA guides to how these reports should be prepared, examples of "what good looks like" and other information which you may find useful.

Please also refer to the Referees Section of The FA Website.

It is of paramount importance that when you report a caution or an incident of misconduct that these forms are completed correctly as the Middlesex County FA cannot act in a timely fashion unless it has all of the facts.

Therefore, we would ask all referees to utilise the example documents as an aide memoire to assist you when reporting misconduct. 

If you have any queries about the preparation of disciplinary reports, please contact Roy Shields, our Operations Manager on 020 8515 6911 or

Blank forms to complete
MCFA Caution Form
MCFA Misconduct Form
The FA Caution Form
The FA Misconduct Form

Examples to help you
An example caution, prepared November 2010
An example dismissal, prepared November 2010
An example dismissal for two cautions, prepared November 2010
An example report for other misconduct, prepared November 2010

Guidelines and Supporting Documents
Definition of Assualt - published November 2010
The FA Guide to Cautions and Dismissals
The FA Guide to Misconduct Report Writing

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