RA-FA Incentive Scheme

The Referees' Association and The FA run an incentive scheme where match officials can earn points for taking games, attending training events and also for attendance at certain meetings. These points can then be exchanged for referee-specific rewards.

To register for the Incentive Scheme:
Referees must have completed their 6-match form and had it processed. If you haven’t, you are not on the FA database as an official fully-qualified referee and therefore not eligible to join the scheme. It is therefore imperative that you have completed your first six matches, you notify Andy Perren at the County Office on 0208-515-1927 or e-mail on andrew.perren@middlesexfa.com 

If you have returned your 6-match form and you have been allocated an RA-FA (formerly FAMOA) number, that number is required to register. To register email RA-FA@FirstMedia.co.uk and cite your full name, RA-FA number and address.

The scheme has now re-opened for season 2012-13 so any current  members will be sent a log book in July/August. If you are expecting a log book, but have not received one by the end of August, please call 08443 267 242 or email RA-FA@FirstMedia.co.uk.

To find out your RA-FA (FAMOA) number:
The letters you receive with your Record of Achievement Folder shows your RA-FA number. If your letter is not available on the night of your Module 5 workshop, the letter is posted to you as soon as we receive it from the FA.

If you contact Ray Herb , he will advise your  RA-FA number. If Ray does not have this information you will need to contact Laura Woolcock in the Referees Department at The FA at laura.woolcock@thefa.com  

If a member has lost/damaged their log book:
You need to email RA-FA@FirstMedia.co.uk for a replacement.

Please be advised that the RA-FA@TheFA.com email address is not checked very often, so if you have an urgent query then please send it to Laura’s personal email address laura.woolcock@thefa.com

The FA are anticipating to phase the RA-FA@thefa.com email account out so that refereeing enquiries are directed to the Customer Relations team who are better equipped to deal with the high volume of emails.

“If I am a new full RA member with a RA-FA number will I automatically receive a log book? Or do I have to register for the scheme?”

If you are a new member, you will need to register for the new season by emailing RA-FA@FirstMedia.co.uk.

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