How to support your child's Refereeing career

When your child enrols on a Basic Referee Course at Middlesex County FA we feel it is only right and proper that you are aware of training programme they are undertaking The Basic Referee Course is made of five separate modules ranging from attending the course to a review evening when they have registered as a qualified referee.Whilst attending the programme we believe that your support is vital in helping your child achieve their potential.

In order to do that you need to be aware of the steps they will undertake to become qualified as a referee.

You can download a guide that will explain the programme by clicking on this link. In addition, there is a form that is must be completed as they complete each of their opening six games as a referee. They will have been given one on the Basic Course but it is often mislaid by the youngsters.

A copy is available to download for you to ensure it is completed and returned to the Middlesex County FA. THIS DOCUMENT IS ESSENTIAL AS IT DRIVES THE AWARD OF BECOMING A QUALIFIED REFEREE - YOUR ASSISTANCE IN ENSURING IT IS COMPLETED IS APPRECIATED.

Your support and the training offered by the tutors will make all the difference to them achieving their goal as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions / issues or suggestions for improvement where this document is concerned, please contact Ray Herb, our Referee Development Manager on

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