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Middlesex FA continues to develop and support local disability football through clubs, leagues, schools, coaches and players. Our focus is to provide all disabled people with a pathway to reach their potential as a player, coach, referee or administrator.

Disability Football has grown in Middlesex and there are many opportunities to play around the County, including many inclusive clubs for children, adults and female players. In conjunction with local disability partners, including Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, Interactive, North West London League, Kinja FC and many disability organisations, Middlesex FA strive to provide opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. This encompasses females, males, young people and adult players with a physical, sensory, learning or behavioural disability/impairment.


Middlesex FA aim to provide football for players of all abilities, but there is also an opportunity for those talented players to represent their County, Region and also England. This includes specific Football Association Disability Squads, such as Partially Sighted, B1 Blind, Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disability and Wheelchair Players.


The Football Development team is very keen to support Clubs who would like to become accessible to people with disabilities or those Clubs who would like to establish a team for players with a variety of disabilities. For further information or to get involved please contact please contact Kayleigh Saunders on kayleigh.saunders@middlesexfa.com.


There are numerous opportunities for footballers to train and play football regularly in a safe, fun, friendly and of course learning environment…



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