Referees achieve promotion

Some 27 referees have been rewarded for their hard work and consistency throughout the season by achieving promotion to the next level of the refereei

There are numerous "levels" within refereeing, ranging from FIFA referees controlling international matches, right the way through to non-active referees, who are classified as Level 10.  When a match official is learning the Laws of the Game or completing the game, they are classified as Level 9 trainee referees and, on completion of their first six matches would automatically move to Level 8 if they are under the age of 16, or Level 7 if they are older.

Once a referee reaches Level 7 and have refereed a minimum of 20 matches, they can apply to join the promotion scheme.  It is here the hard work begins, as candidates must referee a mimimum of 20 further matches, a minimum of three of which would be assesed.  In addition, promotion candidates must pass an exam on the Laws of the Game and attend In-Service Training Seminars.

Therefore to achieve promotion requires a significant effort and we are delighted to announce the following referees have been promoted:

Referees promoted to Level 5 - Senior County Referee 

Silvester Aina
Nathan Briggs
Nick Churcher
Kevin Foster
John Fowler
Niall Gibbons
James Morris
Lee Randall
Mark Stonehouse
Matthew Swinburn
Joseph Yousif

Referees promoted to Level 6 - County Referee

Jaz Anand
Alan Cresswell
Paul Donlevy
Neil Fyfield
Sam Gregory
Stephen Haynes
Andrew Herb
Alex Kyriacou
Daniel Lauszkin
Kevin Munday
Kevin Nottage
Robert Reid
Jamie Richards
Michael Smith
Gary Street
Dean Woodhouse

Congratulations to all of them on their achievement! 

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