Club Matters Programme

In September 2013 The FA launched a joint-support network for club officials alongside PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), with the aim of providing training and advice to those volunteers with day-to-day responsibilities of running clubs.

The ‘Club Matters Programme’ will help to create a robust, economically sustainable network of volunteers who have developed their business skills through online modules, discussion forums and face-to-face seminars – all of which are completely free to access.

Some of the areas covered by the Club Matters Programme include financial planning and managing your clubs income/expenditure, developing an effective marketing strategy for your club through promotion and social media, plus business planning and structuring your club effectively.

Middlesex FA, along with our regional neighbours the Amateur Football Alliance and London FA, will be hosting workshops on basic finance, marketing and business planning throughout the season but there is also a broad range of online modules and documents that clubs can download from the Club Matters website.

What support is available from Club Matters?

1. Website

Provides information and updates regarding the Club Leaders programme, access to discussion forums, Q&As, news and more. This can be accessed at

2. Online Modules

Interactive and informative online learning with accompanying toolkits and templates.

  • Simpler finance
  • Managing capital projects
  • Organisation structure
  • Evaluating marketing options
  • Get your cash flowing
  • Budgeting, get on track, stay on track
  • Effective facilities management
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Good governance
  • VAT and Sports clubs

3. Seminars

Face to face training led by members of the Club Leaders team across the country. Seminars include case studies, topical issues, exercises and a discussion section. Details can be found in our seminar brochure on the website. Requests to attend scheduled seminars can be made via our “events” section on the website.

1. Understanding your club’s finances
2. Budgeting and cashflow
3. Financial policies and procedures
4. Developing a business plan
5. Developing a marketing strategy
6. PAYE and employment status
7. Organisation structures

4. Mentoring

Mentoring offers a one-to-one relationship with an experienced business professional to deliver a more intense and personalised form of learning over an extended period of time (up to 6 months).

It is available to any club who needs help on their business skills or has a particular business area or project they are focusing on. Clubs can register their interest on the website.

For more information and to register your club on the Club Leaders programme please see

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