This section of the site is designed to assist clubs with their responsibilities in respect of Safeguarding Children and CRC checks.

If you have any queries or concerns around welfare issues, please contact us.

Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding children is high on the Middlesex FA's agenda. The goal is to have someone at every club in the county aware of child protection and best practice, whether it’s at a Premiership Academy or a Sunday morning park side

Safeguarding children is about doing things the right way and doing things properly. It's about allowing children to enjoy the game without abuse of any kind. That means ensuring that they are not subjected to bullying, physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect. 

Middlesex FA believes football can have a powerful positive influence on children. But that means everyone involved in football must take on the responsibility of looking after those children that want to play the game.

That is why it is recommended that all coaches and managers are CRB checked and have attended a Level 1 coaching course, which includes attendance at a Safeguarding Children Workshop

If you have an issue within your football club that needs to be addressed, then please contact your club welfare officer in the first instance.

Should you require further advice or assistance then contact the County Welfare Officer (CWO) at or call Neill on 0208 515 6903

What your Welfare Officer needs.

In order to affiliate, each youth club and each adult club with a youth side must have a compliant Welfare Officer. A Welfare Officer will, therefore, need to have met the following criteria before a club with youth teams can affiliate for any upcoming season:
• Hold a Safeguarding Children Course certificate
• Hold an FA CRB certificate
• Attended a Welfare Officer Workshop

For Charter Standard clubs and clubs with 10 teams or more, it is recommended that an Assistant Welfare Officer is appointed to ensure that there is a contingency plan in place, should the nominated club welfare officer need to step down for any reason. If you would like to be involved with child welfare then please contact the CWO

If you have any queries regarding this process or would like to discuss it further please contact MCFA County Welfare Officer, Neill Fowler on 020 8515 6903 or email

If you would like to report poor practice or abuse, this should be submitted to the CWO at the above e-mail address. If you would like to discuss issues of poor practice or abuse, the CWO is available during normal office hours on the above number. If a child is considered to be at risk then please contact the NSPCC 24 hour helpline on 0808-800-5000

Criminal Records Checks

Criminal Records Checks (CRCs) replaced the previous CRB check system in early 2013.  CRC checks assess an individual’s criminal records history and allow the FA to make an informed decision on whether that person is suitable for a position working with children and vulnerable adults. 

The way that CRCs are now carried out has changed for the better. All clubs should now be using the online system which has the benefits of being cheaper, quicker, easier and you will be able to track the application as it goes through the system. If your club has not registered on the system your club Welfare Officer should send an e-mail to or ring them on 0845 210 8080.

The cost of a paper CRC check is £20 compared with £10 online for a volunteer and £54 compared with £60 for a  person in a paid post.

CRC verifications can be carried out at the Middlesex FA County Office in Harrow or by prior arrangement with one of the local verifiers based around Middlesex. In order to arrange for a CRC check, contact the County Welfare Officer, Neill Fowler, on 0208-515-6903 or

Safeguarding Children Re-Certification

This is another course that can be completed online as long as the applicant has attended an initial Safeguarding Children Workshop which expires after 3 years. In order to access this course carry out the following:

Go to the Middlesex County website and go to Member Services. Log in using your FAN and password. Don’t worry if you do not know these, click on the “forgotten details” button and you will be sent an e-mail with the details. Once logged go to “My Football” then go to “Online Courses” and there will be a list of all courses and prices. Click on “online safeguarding children Re-Certification” and follow the instructions. The cost of this course is £13.95. Charter Standard, Development and Community clubs should receive some free credits each year to do this.

As can be seen from the above entries a club that has a manager/coach carrying out an online CRC and Safeguarding Children Re-Certification will save £16.05.

Safeguarding documents.

For a list of useful downloadable documents relating to Social Media, photography, bullying etc, please click on this link.

Benevolent Fund

The Middlesex FA has run a Benevolent Fund for many years which each year pays a number of grants to players, referees and league and club officials who are in financial hardship due to injury or illness. 

Applications are welcomed from anyone who has been involved in football in Middlesex, even if they are no longer actively involved in the game. Applications are dealt with in a very confidential manner and only the three Fund Trustees (President, Finance Director and Chief Executive) see the completed application form after it has been referred over by the Fund Administrator.

To find out more about the Benevolent Fund, please email Fund Administrator, Ray Herb.

If you have any queries or concerns around welfare issues, please contact us.

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