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Middlesex FA Written Reasons

Middlesex FA Written Reasons

Florin Bejinar

Club: BSC FC

Commission Members: Mr C. Stupack, Mr R. Filkins, Mr P. Rogers

Suspension: 119 days

Middlesex FA vs F Bejinar - 21 October 2018

George Lavender

Club: Spartans Youth FC

Commission Members: Mr M Heavey, Mrs A Angelides, Mr S Williams 

Suspension: 2 Years

Middlesex FA vs G Lavender - 25 October 2018

Radwan Mehdaoul

Club: Popeye FC

Commission Members: Mr C Stupack, Mrs A Sennett, Mr S Williams

Suspension: 140 days

Middlesex FA vs R Mehdaoul - 14 December 2018

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